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Washington Man: I Recorded Bigfoot Screams - Cryptozoology News
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Washington Man: I Recorded Bigfoot Screams

Washington resident Russell Wiitala on Sunday presented a recording he says he took back in late April in an undisclosed location in the southwestern part of the state.

A trail in southwest Washington. Credit: Jppi

A trail in Southwest Washington. Credit: Jppi

“I was hiking on a very well traveled trail when I heard the first screaming,” Wiitala said on a YouTube video.

Thinking that it was logging equipment, the Bigfoot enthusiast initially dismissed the sounds.

“But it was on a Sunday. There’s no logging going on there on Sundays.”

So he decided to pull out his recorder to capture the sounds he believes to be to an “alpha male”.

“I started hiking quickly toward the screams knowing there was a spot not too far away where there was an opening toward the north and I could get a clearer recording. I knew from experience that he would scream and then take a long breath. So I would hike a few steps while he was inhaling and then stop during his scream.”

The 6-minute-long video shows Wiitala’s pictures of the specific location and a series of long faint “screams” accompany the images before the sound of an airplane overwhelmingly takes over. The audio was recorded with a with a Sony ICD-PX 312 digital voice recorder he purchased about a year ago.

“You have to use headphones,” says the Washingtonian, acknowledging the low volume of the purported vocalizations.

It is not the first time that Washington resident Russell Wiitala claims to have heard “Bigfoot” sounds.

Last time, he says, the “screams” went on for about 35 minutes.

“I was in my tent at the time and didn’t bother turning on my recorder because it was too far away. This time it was coming towards me and I felt I had enough time to hike to that clearing. I didn’t expect an airplane to fly right over us. I had a feeling he would shut up when the airplane came by and that is exactly what happened.”

He believes the sounds came from a male Bigfoot he says belongs to a clan he has named the “LS Clan”.

Wiitala claims to know different “Bigfoot clans” and to interact with them regularly, as he leaves food for them at different spots in the area.

“They would take the apples out and leave this precariously balance bowl there. No animal would do that,” he says about a brown basket he uses to present his offerings to the unproven beasts.

And it appears that Wiitala is not the only one who believes in Bigfoot’s affinity for this type of fruit. Member of the Bigfoot research organization Team Rogue AJ Marston recently shared his “apple theory”.

“Apples have some key role for nutrition, when it comes to looking for cryptids, because out of the majority of the stories I’ve read, you can find apples as indigenous fruit that were there…in the Himalayas, the Ukraine, in China, all through the northeast and even up in the Oregon areas and Alaska, they all have apples, so it’s something that holds a lot of vitamins and nutrition, and sugars that a large animal would need regularly. Back there I found a bunch of apple trees that had been overgrown by other bushes, but you could still see the remnants of the crab apples, which is a good source for deer, and moose and bear, and the cryptids around them,” says Marston.

Two weeks ago another man in Washington said that he had been followed by a Bigfoot creature in a remote area of the state.

In 1996, a 911 dispatcher responded to a call made by a frightened caller out of the Kitsap Peninsula, Washington. The call prompted immediate action from the authorities, who after investigating the area weren’t able to find any evidence of the animal.

About a year ago, radio host Clyde Lewis and his crew reportedly saw a “juvenile Bigfoot” while staying at the ECETI ranch, a retreat near near Mt Adams in Trout Lake, Washington, where recurrent UFO sightings purportedly transpire.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brett Allen

    July 25, 2015 at 7:35 pm

    Not creatures, not apes… giant people. We refuse to listen to Native Americans who shared their environment for a millennia or longer. They have feet like people not because they are giant hairy monsters, but because THEY ARE GIANT HAIRY PEOPLE! Brett Allen – Cover UFO Magazine 2009

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