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Washington Farmer Encounters Humanoid Creature

TACOMA, Wash. — A Washington man claims he saw an alien creature at a dairy farm.

The anonymous man said on Monday that he heard unusual noises coming from the animals and that he decided to go out and investigate.

“This happened in October of 2000, at around 12 a.m.,” he wrote on MUFON. “I got up and left the house very quietly.”

When he checked on the cows, he adds, he didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. He explains the strange thing was the cows wouldn’t eat.

“I started to feed them the grains. They didn’t have an interest in the food. They were pacing back and forth and cramming to one side of the building.”

The Tacoma man reports that he felt as though the cows were scared of something. Reportedly, as he took a few steps forward and fearing to find a dead cow, something else caught his attention.

“Well, there was no dead cow. But I noticed something weird at the end of the hall.”

What he saw, says the man, paralyzed him. A 4-foot-tall big headed humanoid covered in a black and grey skin.

“Its eyes were almond shaped. Slanted. It was looking at me. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t yell nor talk,” he said about the alleged encounter. “Finally I was able to run and went home, very scared.”

The man says that he didn’t inform his family or the authorities about the creature.

“I think about that encounter all the time now,” he said.

Just last month, a man claiming to be a wildlife officer from California recounted seeing a similar creature.

Reported UFO activity remained at a high rate during the mid-to-late ’90s. In 1997, thousands of witnesses reported seeing a similar large triangle-shaped object in Phoenix, Arizona. Former Arizona governor Fife Symington initially mocked the incident at a press conference but later admitted that what he saw was “something that defied logic” and that it even “challenged” his reality.

18 years later, in early February 2015, three Phoenix men videotaped a similar occurrence.

In 2014, a nurse and a truck driver reported seeing an unidentified flying object as “large as a football field” in Alabama.

In 2015, a newspaper delivery man shared a film containing what he believed to be an alien creature at a Florida cemetery.


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