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Two People Come Upon ‘Bigfoot Family’ in Washington

A father and a son say they saw a group of bipeds in Whatcom County.

The eyewitnesses were reportedly driving in the area at 9 p.m. last September when they noticed the creatures.

“My father and I went for a drive up the mountain to stop at this clear cut, like we’ve done many times before,” the man said on a BFRO report.

“We were scanning the clear cut with our flashlights when we saw the eye shine in the distance, at about 200 yards.”

The man goes on to say that they detected three pairs of eyes leveled at different heights. At first, he adds, they thought they were looking at a mother bear and her cubs.

“But after shining the flashlights in their direction, the larger creature charged up the hill, grunting. Then it stopped and waited for the other two.”

The eyewitness explains that they were able to focus their flashlights on that creature, making them able to observe it better.

“It was brown, the eyeshine was orangish… then it started charging towards us, breaking branches on its way. Then it stopped and everything went silent.”

The other two, he explains, were sitting there watching the men.

“Sometimes they’d stand up and walk a bit, but every time we made noise they’d stop and watch us. This went on for three hours.”

It was at around midnight when the bigger creature reportedly decided to start walking down the hill.

“It was on two legs, arms swinging below the hips, at about 700 pounds. The other two followed it. There are not brown bears in this area.”

The man said it was difficult to estimate a height at the given distance.

“You could see the head bob just like when a person is walking down hill,” he said.

In 2015, a motorist said he saw a similar creature crossing a busy road just outside of Spokane, Washington.

In 1996, a 911 dispatcher responded to a call made by a frightened caller out of the Kitsap Peninsula, Washington. The call prompted immediate action from the authorities, who after investigating the area weren’t able to find any evidence of the animal.

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