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Thunderbird? Two People Witness Large Bird in Georgia

ADAIRSVILLE, Ga. — An electrician in Bartow County on Monday said he and his sister came across a large bird they were not able to immediately identify.

thunderbird pterosaur

Clifford McLure, a 54-year-old Adairsville resident, told Cryptozoology News that the event took place on March 10 at about 2:00 p.m. near his town.

“I was flying the remote control airplane, it was about 400 feet,” he said. “A large bird flew out over tree tops going North about level with the airplane,” he added.

McLure believes the airplane startled the bird as it flew close by.

“It turned left 90 degrees and let out a loud scream and continued flying West.”

The Georgian claimed that the rare sighting took about 6 minutes and provided a physical description of the alleged creature, although he did not present a photograph.

“The remote control has a wingspan of 14 inches. The bird’s wingspan was 6 or 7 times wider than the plane’s, the wing flaps were nearly one second in duration,” he specified, adding that the animal exhibited “black raggedy feathers” and an 11-inch straight beak.

“It also had a long straight neck.”

But according to McLure, he was not the only one witnessing the strange creature. His sister was also reportedly able to take a look at it.

“After landing the RC, I ran into the house to get my sister to show her. When we got back outside, you could still see the bird flying west away from us.”

thunderbird pterosaur pterodactyl

In August 2015, a man in Michigan claimed to have seen a “giant bird” with a 10-foot wingspan.

In July 2015, two people in Nevada reported seeing a creature that reminded them of a pterosaur, a flying reptile believed to have gone extinct about 65 million years ago.

Two weeks later, a minister and her daughter claimed to have seen an unidentified flying creature that looked like it was “straight out of Jurassic Park”.

In 1890, Arizona newspaper The Tombstone Epitaph wrote about two ranchers killing a “winged monster” similar to an “alligator” in the desert between the Whetsone and Huachuca mountains.

Thunderbird, also known as Roc, is the nomenclature used by Native Americans to refer to bird-like creatures with reptile features that are believed to be related to the extinct pterosaurs.

The city of Adairsville is located northwest of metro Atlanta and has a population of 5,000.

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  1. Michael A. Gaitten

    September 28, 2017 at 9:35 am

    I saw a thunderbird in Georgia in 1983, I was driving home from work one morning about 0815 AM and there was an MG midget in front of me all of a sudden there was a shadow over my car and then the shadow started moving forward off of my car and I saw it move over top of the MG midget it was probably 3 feet above the convertible top and then it just rose up and disappeared. I seriously thought it was going to pick that car up and fly away, it was bigger than the one shown with the man standing in front of it on this site.

  2. Mark

    April 21, 2018 at 5:40 am

    California condor. They’re around Carter’s lake in Murray county. Very large bird with very large wingspan. They look prehistoric.

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