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Read this Unedited Bigfoot Report from Arizona

The following unedited report–except for the person’s name and exact location of the sighting– was sent to Cryptozoology News by a 32-year-old accountant out of Tucson, Arizona on November 14, 2019. The date of the sighting is November 12, 2019 and it reportedly lasted about 10 minutes. The eyewitness didn’t provide photographic evidence but he is in the process of submitting a sketch of the creature.

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What were you doing at the time of the sighting?

Hiking/ sketching the surrounding area.

Describe what happened with as many details as possible.

I had just come over a hill that overlooked a meadow. The meadows were large and it’s hard to make out any detail on creatures without binoculars. I had spotted a big furry creature before at a lower spot that had less visibility and I thought it was a bear. I got up on the ridge to take a closer look with my binoculars. I saw it hunched over something. I realized this probably wasn’t a bear as it had a brownish colored fur and we only have black bears here. I watched it stand up on its hind legs and take a look around. It was some sort of ape. I had never had an experience like this, so I wasn’t really sure what to do.

I watched it continue to hitch over and occasionally stand up and look around. It appeared to be eating some sort of deer or elk, it was hard to tell with the position of the creature. I decided to try and get closer so I walked along the tree line down to a closer spot in the meadow. I was still about 150-200 yards away. That’s when it either spotted me it heard me or maybe even smelled me as it got up and made some sort of guttural scream and pounded on its chest like King Kong. It then picked up the carcass on the ground and drug it behind itself. It ran across the field on only two legs while producing a loud grunting sound. It soon after disappeared into the tree line.

What did it look like? Describe physical features of what you saw

It had a brownish fur color and stood a little taller than human height (about 7ft) from what I could tell. Its face had a black coloration and its body was of thicker proportion. I couldn’t tell what color its eyes where. It appeared to have human-like hands (keep in mind in looking at it from a distance) from what I could see I would best describe it as a bigfoot however I have only looked into what a bigfoot looks like after spotting this creature.
(I’m doing this on mobile and couldn’t do the drawing thing. I can send you a sketch on paper if you want).

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