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‘Thunderbird’ Sighting in Maryland

LANHAM, Maryland — A man in Maryland claims he and two other people saw an unknown big bird he believes to be Thunderbird.

thunderbird, pterodactyl

The 55-year-old press operator, who asked to be kept anonymous, told Cryptozoology News that he was in the kitchen when his twin brother noticed the oddity.

“I was getting something to eat. My brother lives next door and noticed the massive bird land in the tree,” he said. “Then he told me and my mother to look.”

The black feathered bird was reportedly perched on a 40-feet-tall tree and measured “about 5 feet from head to talons”.

“The weight of bird had branch bending very much. Had a beak that was close to an eagles with tip pointed down.  When it took off from perch, the amount of air it displaced was incredible as he was trying to get airborne, with tree limbs moving violently. Wingspan tip to tip, aproximately 12 foot. Conservative estimate.”

The newspaper press operator told Cryptozoology News that the unidentified bird was “absolutely not a turkey vulture”.

“I have no doubt it was the Thunderbird.”

The sighting allegedly took about 5 minutes but there were no pictures or videos taken.

“It happened one morning of 1972, so we didn’t have any cameras with us.”

In 1890, Arizona newspaper The Tombstone Epitaph reported that two ranchers had allegedly killed a “winged monster” similar to an “alligator” in the desert between the Whetsone and Huachuca mountains.

In 1927, a similar event reportedly took place in the Australian town of Fernvale when a few giant birds visited the area, causing panic among the town’s residents.

The city of Lanham, located in  Prince George’s County, has a population of 10,000.


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