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Oklahoma Family Sees ‘Bigfoot’

A woman in Oklahoma says she and her family saw a bipedal creature in Cleveland County.

The woman, who refused to provide an exact location of the alleged incident, recently told the BFRO that they were driving on a dirt road near their property when they spotted the creature in the early evening of the Fall of 2013.

“We stopped at the mailbox and started talking to my husband. My oldest song started mumbling something and when I look back at him he is pointing at something. I looked and didn’t see anything at first. My husband was looking as well but couldn’t see anything,” said the woman.

Suddenly, she adds, she spotted the creature.

“I couldn’t speak. I was slapping my husband’s arm and pointing at the thing. It was across the road on the other side of the creek. On the right there was an open pasture with cattle. It stood by the fence,” she explained.

Reportedly, the animal then looked at the truck and the woman, who was the driver at the time, took off.

“My son yelled to go back. I put the truck in reverse but the thing was gone by then. It didn’t appear to be scared of us it was more of an uh oh moment. When it turned towards our truck and saw us it froze. I didn’t move at all once it saw the truck. It was gone in seconds. When we rolled the windows down it was creepy quiet. “

The eyewitness described it as a huge “smoky black” being without snout and a flat face with “very long arms”.

“It had a flat face with a rounded head but a pronounced brow like a Cro-Magnon man. It was about 8 to 9 feet tall. Its waist was standing by the 5 feet fence.”

The woman added that she and her family know the local wildlife and that this wasn’t a deer or a bear.

“We are in a secluded area an we all stay to ourselves out here. We don’t talk about this to anyone and this is the first time we have shared our story. My whole little family saw this thing. So we have four people who now believe this thing is real,” she said.

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