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New York Couple Encounters Humanoid on Road

QUEENSBURY, N.Y. — A New York couple claims they saw an unidentified humanoid.

The man, who sent an anonymous report, said he and his fiancee were driving near Queensbury, New York when they spotted the strange figure last Sunday at about 12:15 a.m..

“I was driving. We pulled off exit 20 southbound, and our car came to a stop,” the man wrote on a MUFON report.

The eyewitnesses adds that as he proceeded to put on the left blinker and look both ways of the road, he noticed a “tall slender figure” dressed in black with “stick-like features”.

He said the “entity” was about 50 feet away and standing in the middle of the road. He believes it was approximately 10 feet tall.

“I asked my fiancee what she saw and it was exactly what I saw.”

A humanoid stands in the middle of the road in this sketch drawn by the eyewitness. Credit: MUFON

Reportedly, the two New Yorkers had already made the left turn when they decided to turn around to check on the unusual sighting.

“We drove back and there was nothing there,” he said. However, he explained, they felt as though they were being observed.

Out of Warren County, Queensbury is  on U.S. Route 9 and has a population of 27,000.

Three months ago, a Norwegian man claimed to have seen three humanoids in the woods during daylight hours.

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