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New Video: UFOs Flying Over England Stadium

ENGLAND — A security firm has released footage of a group of unidentified flying objects.

The security firm, Vision CCTV, is located near the Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane stadium. Reportedly, a camera placed on top of the company’s building was able to capture the images at 7 a.m. Friday.

The 15-second-video, seemingly taken with a phone recording the original file while playing on the DVR’s screen, shows a series of unidentified white lights performing aerobatics around  what appears to be a jet plane.

A spokesperson for the company says they “have never seen anything like it before” and that they are not sure as to what the lights are

“They looked like some kind of UFOs,” he said.

Earlier today, the Pentagon admitted to having a secret program in charge of investigating UFOs.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Marcistan

    December 16, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    It seems to me that there really is no need for the much hyped “disclosure” of the reality of UFO`s and “aliens” etc…the phenomenon is utterly real and anybody paying even a cursory attention to what is going on and has been taking place on a daily basis for many many years knows it is real…the witness testimonies from the many and varied officials from the vast array of both covert and overt groups from across the whole human spectrum is evidence enough that screams out the reality…note also that the many voices who have testified are often at the very top of their professions – top military men (from all services and units,again both covert and overt) and scientific researchers etc etc etc…the list is endless and each and every day we see evidence that is staggering to the mind – there must be many people within the top echelons of human society who know perfectly well that the only possible reason for anything along the lines of “disclosure” of the truth of UFO`s/aliens to take place is to educate the long suffering public – a public who are concerned with earning a living and often have no time to devote to this subject…a subject that has been deliberately hidden and lied about by those who deign to rule and laughingly give us mere underlings “guidance” on how to live our miserable lives…”Disclosure” has been here for a very long time if you have been lucky enough (or unfortunate if you are of another mental persuasion) to either see such craft or have followed the huge amount of evidences that are tols/shown us by honest researchers…of course this field is also riddled with fraudsters and charlatans and deliberate deceivers but the truth is not only out there,it is “in here” too.

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