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Multiple Witnesses Spot ‘UFOs’ in Texas, Present Footage

CEDAR PARK, Texas — A group of people in Williamson County released footage of a series of lights they believe could be UFOs.

Manalastas, a father of three who maintains a family YouTube channel, presented the evidence on a 2-minute video.

“We tried to debunk it with everything we can think of,” he says. “All of us saw the lights. This isn’t edited or anything.”

The video shows the fast-moving objects, captured on camera on Oct. 10, cruising the starred Texas skies.

“We saw two lights flying around in the sky,” says Lizel Manalastas. “It seems like it is way too fast for it to be a bird or a bat, and it looks too bright and too big for it to be an insect,” she continued.

But some believe the “mystery” is quite simple, bats.

“I think it’s a bat,” says another eyewitness. “Someone is trying to follow it with a light, but they can’t keep up with it, cause bats move so crazy. So that’s why it keeps appearing for a little bit, and then it will disappear. It moves like a bat, that’s what I think it is.”

Kim Fischer, a YouTube user commenting on the video, also claimed to have seen similar lights in the skies of Taylor, Texas recently.

“Seeing the same thing over here in Taylor, Texas. The nights of Nov. 1 and 2, multiple lights in the sky. Mostly white, but one was light green,” she wrote.

Last week, a Minnesota driver captured the images of what he called a “UFO” with “people” inside.

In late June, a Peruvian man and his son released a video showing what they referred to as a “UFO fleet”.

Former White House Counselor for Climate Change and Energy Policy John Podesta in a tweet last February expressed his regrets at not securing UFO disclosure prior to stepping down from his job.

john podesta ufo tweet

Three weeks later, President Obama during a Jimmy Kimmel show appearance said jokingly that “aliens exercise strict control” over humans. The President later denied any knowledge of the unproven creatures.

Cedar Park, considered a suburb of Austin, has a population of 61,000.

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  1. daniel clavette

    November 20, 2015 at 8:44 pm

    Wow that is truly cool ufo sighty in texas and in texas ther are large numero sighty of ufo in texas for numero of years.

  2. martin harris

    November 23, 2015 at 1:29 am

    These are drones equipped with neon kits. See a couple flying around here frequently.

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