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Missouri Family Claims Seeing Bigfoot

A woman in Missouri says she and her family have had a few encounters with a gorilla-like creature.

The anonymous woman, out of Crawford County, told the BFRO that the sightings began back in 1991 and are still ongoing.

“The first time I saw it I was driving home and coming around a curve when I noticed eyeshine,” she said. “As I got closer, I saw a creature standing on the side of the road.”

The woman describes it as a two-legged 8 feet creature with “reddish brown” hair and weighting about 800 pounds.

“When the truck lights hit this thing, it covered its face with its arm.”

The eyewitness says her elderly mother also spotted the creature a few times.

“She would call me and tell me something was hitting her trailer very hard.”

One time, she adds, her mother said she heard the dogs barking outside and when she came out to investigate she witnessed the creature “talking” to the dogs, as though it was trying to calm them down.

“She stated that if an 800 lb gorilla could talk, that’s what it would sound like.”

The last incident, she recalls, was last summer when she bought a night scope and she and her husband went out on the front porch and sat down to watch the woods.

“This thing was standing there watching us as we were watching it. It was approx. 8 feet or taller, and huge. Its arms hung down past its knees and kind of curved, as a monkey’s would. Its head was crowned to some degree. We passed the scope back and forth to each other. My husband couldn’t believe what he was seeing.”

The woman says she never felt threatened by the alleged animal and that, out of the four times she and her family encountered it, only once she felt she could have misidentified it.

“If I didn’t see with my own two eyes I would be skeptical too I suppose,” she said.

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