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Man Convinced he has Proof of Bigfoot in Switzerland

SWITZERLAND– A man on Monday said he has “real live proof” of the existence of Bigfoot in Europe.

Dago Cleo, a Canadian-Swiss citizen and avid geocacher also known as Bernie, says he was out in the Swiss woods hunting for caches when he captured the visual anomaly.

“I wouldn’t have found it if not being for iPhoto. When I put my selfie into iPhoto, it recognizes so-called faces. It recognized mine, but then it was asking me ‘who is that face in the background?’ Of course I thought ‘there is no face in the background,” Cleo said about the picture.

Until, he says, he zoomed in and realized that, indeed, “somebody or something” was looking at him.

The photograph contains a close-up of Cleo’s face as he poses for the camera in a clear section of the woods. In the background, an unfamiliar shape breaks the pattern formed by the brown leaves on a tree.

Cleo poses for a 'selfie' as the purported creature lurks behind him. Credit: Dago Cleo/YouTube

Cleo poses for a ‘selfie’ as the purported creature lurks behind him. Credit: Dago Cleo/YouTube

“He’s got a black face. The face was coming out, and you can almost see the fur on its chest.”

He is a fan of Something Hairy in the Shadows, a YouTuber dedicated to finding Bigfoot anomalies on photographs.

“He thinks of Sasquatch as more of having shape shifting properties, or anyway, a very special, almost esoteric Sasquatch,” the treasure hunter said, adding that he believes in this theory.

Cleo posted his findings on a YouTube video where he explains the photograph in detail.

But some are not so sure about the images showing a creature.

“That’s about as clear as the gunman in the grassy knoll picture from the JFK investigation,” YouTube user Ed Elisea mockingly wrote on the video’s comment section.

Pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon known for triggering the human mind to perceive a familiar shape or pattern where it does not actually exist, is sometimes blamed for these type of visual anomalies.

Last year, Will, a Washington state Bigfoot investigator known on the video sharing website as Grassman87, painstakingly demonstrated that in order to make such claims, one must first take the necessary investigative steps. The first step to consider, he said, would be going back to the spot where the supposed animal originally showed up to try to debunk the sighting.

“Looking over some of my pictures I noticed something strange in one of them. Not sure what it could be. It could be just a stump or nothing at all,” Will says. “It’s what I like to do, I am not one of those types that believes every single thing is Bigfoot.”

Reports of Bigfoot sightings in Europe are now beginning to emerge. Two weeks ago, a British woman told Cryptozoology News about her alleged encounter with the beast in 1982.

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  1. He mama

    August 21, 2015 at 5:10 pm

    Even iPhones get pareidolia.

  2. Jeff Strader (OSI)

    March 28, 2019 at 8:05 am

    The majority of photos can be debunked. Unfortunately there are far to many that see a Bigfoot behind every tree.

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