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Man Captures Skunk Ape on Video

CaptureA man from Florida has captured pictures and video of what could be the Skunk Ape, also known as the Myakka Ape. The footage was taken in Myakka River State Park in Sarasota County. He and his son were driving when they spotted a dark. fast moving figure in the fields. At that moment, they pulled over and chased the creature with their smart phones. On the video, you can see others stopping their cars and start watching in awe; you can hear them talk about two big sized deer they come across, which they suppose the Skunk Ape was after.

The Skunk Ape is known for its horrible smell and it is supposed to live in the Florida Everglades, although there are reports that have placed the fearless ape in some Midwest states.

The footage is kind of grainy and it was taken with an iPhone 4S. The man took some clearer still shots but you can definitely see something moving fast across the fields.

via YouTube and Mike Falkoner “Mopower08”


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