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London Man Shows ‘Humanoid’ Photograph

A man in London says he has taken a picture of a “humanoid figure”.

Oscar C., a 20-year-old college student, told Cryptozoology News he and a fellow student were taking photographs for a university project at a park in North London when they observed the oddity on September 17, at around 7 a.m.. He provided a specific location but has been omitted for privacy reasons.

“The park is surrounded by forest and we were shooting some photos amongst the trees, when suddenly I heard a rustling noise that gradually got louder, as if something was coming closer,” he said about the event.”I looked towards the trees where the noise seemed to be coming from and saw something moving in the trees.”

That’s when the alleged entity showed up, he says.

He described it as a 6-feet-tall humanoid that “looked somewhat like a human”.

“But the way it behaved it was definitely not human,” he added. “It moved faster than I’ve seen any human move. It only emerged from the trees for a few seconds and I was able to take one picture before it ran back into the woods.”

The blurry picture initially fails to show any clear humanoid-like figure, but an analysis is in progress.

Credit: Oscar C. / Cryptozoology News

“It behaved like an animal, possibly hunting, but I don’t know what it could have been hunting for. It also had unnaturally bright coloured red hair. I caught a brief glimpse of its face and looking at its eyes, I believe it did not have a human level of cognition, but rather it was acting purely on instinct like a wild animal. I have no idea what this thing was except that I know it was not a human being,” said Oscar.

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