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Humanoid Sighting in Washington

OLYMPIA, Wash. — A man in Washington claims he saw three unidentified “beings”.

The anonymous man on MUFON said he was driving through a wooded area the night of January 28 when he heard a strange sound and stopped his car to investigate.

“It was gibberish and a loud yell. There were three beings. One was in a small triangular ship, one next to the ship and one near a tree to the right,” he said, adding that there were also two dead deer.

He claims that when the entities saw him, he jumped back in his car and drove away.

The man says the “aliens” looked different from each other.

“One was a tall reptilian, the one that was in the craft. He had a helmet on,”he explains.

Another one, the one to the right, he said, was a tall grey.

“The one next to the craft had a big and white colored head and a long neck. He was wearing a blue astronaut suit.”

He said that the humanoid with the astronaut suit appeared to have a “smaller being” in the back seat.

“Either a smaller being or a human, he was strapped in.”

The eyewitness says he felt that it was “very real and scary”.

About a year ago, a man in Washington said he had seen predator-like humanoids in the woods.

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