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People Share Cryptid Sightings at Cardwell UFO Festival

800px-Cardwell_WelcomeCardwell, AUSTRALIA — Hundreds of UFO and paranormal enthusiasts gathered in Cardwell Saturday to commemorate the town’s 150th anniversary.

Hairy aliens, Bigfoot and other cryptids were the main topic among those who attended the festival.

Such is the case of Molly Dunn, who claims she once found a “hairy alien” on the end of her bed.

“It was hairy and it was on the end of my bed and its eyes spoke to me and I was absolutely scared I nearly wet my pants,” she told 630 ABC.

“It said to me ‘I can be any size or shape I want’. A few days later I thought ‘what a silly thing to say’. I never thought I would see anything like that in my lifetime,” she added.

The town’s library hosted an event where people shared their experiences with the attentive listeners. UFO eyewitness Phil Mulley organized the event.

Alec Brimacombe, member of UFO Research Queensland, said that it’s nice to share experiences at the UFO Festival, but that serious scientific research is needed to answer the questions surrounding these sightings.

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