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Video: ‘Gnome’ Startles Toddler’s Family in Argentina

ARGENTINA — The video of a toddler playing on a hallway’s floor created bouts of controversy among South American internet users when a gnome-looking creature made sudden appearance behind the child.

Santa Fe resident Silvia says she was videotaping her son when the little being came out of the kitchen and stormed toward the backyard.

The video, sent to an Argentinian YouTube channel last April, is about one minute long and it shows a sprinting skinny humanoid with a gray skin.

“We received this video taken with a cell phone in 2011,” they said. “They kept the secret for years, but they finally decided to share it with the world for as long as we keep them anonymous.”

According to Silvia, the “creature” produced an intense foul odor and an electromagnetic interference that can be seen on the film.

“This family has always noticed a strange behavior in the toddler, playing and talking to himself around the house at nap time,” they explain. “In January 2011, the child was playing in the hallway when she noticed he was a little nervous, so she wanted to videotape the behavior,” they continued.

Reportedly, the woman first thought that the fast moving silhouette was just a mouse. It was later on that she panicked when she noticed its “odd body structure”.

But the strangeness, they said, didn’t end up with the video; the child purportedly kept playing with these “entities” for three years.

“They don’t appear to be hostile, but the stench is unbearable and they emit a bloodcurdling scream at night.”

And while the video is certainly interesting to watch, some believe it is clearly a hoax.

"Gnome" sprints toward the backyard door as Benjamin the toddler plays on the floor
“Gnome” sprints toward the backyard door as Benjamin the toddler plays on the floor.Credit: Salmones/

“The shadow of the creature is a single, strong, distinct shadow that remains clear and distinct even as the shadow comes close to the table leg, which has no discernible shadow at all.  Plus, it looks like CG motion, not natural motion: Small, light creatures don’t move like that – its just the physics of the situation (mass/weight increases with the cube of the height). It’s running with the gate of a full-sized human,” a coherent James Nelson writes after watching the rediscovered footage.

Back in August, book writer Keith Sniadach shared pictures of a similar creature taken while staying at his summer cabin in the mountains of western Pennsylvania.

Leprechauns and gnomes are little mischievous entities present in folklore legends in many countries around the world. In 1989, a dead creature believed to be a gnome was found in Spain. It was later determined by doctors and investigators that the “Gnomo of Girone” tissue belonged to an unknown animal never seen before. Others, like researcher Pedro Palao, explained that the strange creature could be the fetus of a ruminant and dubbed it a hoax.

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