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Wisconsin Couple: We Saw Bigfoot

Two people claim they saw Bigfoot in southeastern Wisconsin.

Jim and Donna say they were sitting in a car on private property the first time they spotted the creature in June of 2013.

“All of a sudden, I look over there, and she –Donna– tells me, there it is! And sure enough…now it was a hot day, it was 89 degrees, I remember very well…it was right to that tree line, on the far side of this field. It had to be big for me to see at that distance, it wasn’t a short person, that’s for sure,” Jim told Linda Godfrey, author of American Monsters and Jay Bachochin, member of the Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators.

“It looked like it was kneeling! and it was digging,” Donna added. “It looked like it was just interested in what it was digging, cause it was digging in the dirt. And it looked like a little bit of..dust, you know…and, nothing, it didn’t look towards us at all.” She also said the birds stopped singing and that there weren’t any sounds, as though silent had suddenly taken over the landscape. There were also branch structures nearby, which some claim could be ‘Bigfoot nests’.

The eyewitnesses describe the animal as being 5 feet tall– while kneeling down– and with hair of a dark reddish brown color.

“The hair or the muscle, I don’t know which, seemed to come right of the outer part of the shoulders, and cone shaped up to the top of the head,” Jim explained. “It just looked like a very big line backer. It was definitely odd.”

Exact spot where Jim and Donna allegedly saw Bigfoot in 2013
Exact spot where Jim and Donna allegedly saw Bigfoot in 2013. Credit: Jay Bachonin, Linda Godfrey/YouTube

A picture was reportedly taken and later sent out for analysis to an investigator in Texas, but it hasn’t been returned to Jim yet.

They initially believed the creature wasn’t paying attention to them, but now they are not so sure.

“When the lady called me back and said ‘it looks like it’s looking straight at you’, I’m going ‘oh my god’, you know.” Jim said.

Ten days later, Jim drove to the same spot with two other people and were able to see it again.

“It was about same time in the morning, maybe a little later, and again, I say ‘this is where I saw it’, and the girl says ‘like that?’, and I turn around and there it is…”

In July 2013, two fishermen reported to the BFRO to have seen the beast during daylight while on their way to a tournament.


You can watch the entire interview below:

Picture on front page by Jay Bachonin, Linda Godfrey/YouTube

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