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Apple-eating Baby ‘Yowie’ Screams Recorded

A researcher in Australia Tuesday captured the sounds of what he believes could be a possible Yowie and shared footage of leftovers he suspects were discarded by the creature.

Jason Heal, member of the J & J ​ Yowie Search organization, was reportedly trying to gather more evidence to add to his video archives when he heard the strange sounds.

The audio lasts one minute and a half and contains a series of high pitched vocalizations that resemble a baby monkey crying.

Baby rhesus monkeys produce a similar sound when they want to suckle. Despite the presence of rainforests, there are no primates in the Australian continent.

Heal and his partner claim they usually lure the Australian Bigfoot with apples that they strategically place on different spots across the rainforest of a location they refer to as Apple Rock. They say this is how they managed to capture the astounding but highly controversial images of a primate-like creature back in April.

And now they have found “evidence” that could confirm the cryptid’s taste for apples.

“Check this out,” says Heal as he holds an apple with bite marks.

“That is sharp teeth! Very sharp teeth, whatever has bitten into this is no possum.”

The other apples which they had put on a big grey rock, he claims, are now gone.

“Whatever bit into this apple, I wouldn’t want it biting on me,” he said.

Heal is not the only researcher who claims Bigfoot affinity for this fruit.

Jason Heal holds an apple allegedly bit by one of the Yowie creatures. Credit: Jason Heal/YouTube
Jason Heal holds an apple allegedly bit by one of the Yowie creatures. Credit: Jason Heal/YouTube

Member of the Bigfoot research organization Team Rogue AJ Marston recently shared his “apple theory”.

“Apples have some key role for nutrition, when it comes to looking for cryptids, because out of the majority of the stories I’ve read, you can find apples as indigenous fruit that were there…in the Himalayas, the Ukraine, in China, all through the northeast and even up in the Oregon areas and Alaska, they all have apples, so it’s something that holds a lot of vitamins and nutrition, and sugars that a large animal would need regularly. Back there I found a bunch of apple trees that had been overgrown by other bushes, but you could still see the remnants of the crab apples, which is a good source for deer, and moose and bear, and the cryptids around them,” explained Marston.

Yowie, otherwise known as the Australian Bigfoot, is a monkey-like cryptid portrayed in the Aboriginal mythology and purportedly living in the Australian forests. Like his primate cousin, it is supposed to be a very curious and highly intelligent creature.

The couple of Australian researchers are determined to finding conclusive evidence of the existence of Bigfoot’s cousin. They have been looking for Yowie across most of Queensland and New South Wales National Parks since 2012.

“That is not a possum guys, that is not a wallaby, that is definitely something else. This is very interesting and I’m very excited,” Heal said about the teeth marks.

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