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Wisconsin Man Suspects ‘Bigfoot’ is Harassing his Sister

A man suspects ‘Bigfoot’ lives in the area near his fishing cabin and that it has possibly been harassing his sister in central Wisconsin.

Bob Gymlan, a paleoanthropology student who claims to have worked with “high-order primates at Brookfield Zoo Chicago for years”, says he and his family have noticed strange occurrences at his Nordic Mountain fishing cabin for years.

“What has moved heavy planters with no drag marks?” he wonders. “How did football-sized rocks end up on the bottom of our tacky above-ground pool?”

But the alleged mischiefs don’t end there. According to Gymlan, there is something that keeps closely watching his 8-year-old sister.

“My sister still sleeps in the nasty one room second floor ever since she woke me up sobbing ‘a monster keeps tapping at me through the window’. I asked if she was having a bad dream. She said ‘no, he is still there, and now he’s smiling,'” he explained.

Bigfoot Nordic MountainHis latest finding, he says, could be the “real deal”.

“I just arrived back in my house from my fishing cabin, the last one of the season, because it’s finally too cold to go fishing,” says Gymlan. “And as I was pulling the boat up, something caught my eye.”

A “large human-like footprint” he was not able to photograph because reportedly he “doesn’t get reception” so he “doesn’t bring his phone”.

“I didn’t have a camera with me, not to mention I wouldn’t really want to bring one out in the deluge that was going on.”

What he did, he explains, was to surround the suspected track with bricks and cover it with a piece of plywood on top of it to protect it from the elements.

“Believe it or not, I did stop at Ace and I did do just what I see on Finding Bigfoot and I did pour a plaster cast,” he said. “We have had other occurrences that come together pretty strangely once you notice a giant footprint in your backyard.”

Gymlan says that “hopefully sometime this week” he will be able to go to the cabin to check out the plaster cast.

And he has received a fair amount of criticism for sharing his experiences.

“If the term ‘Bigfoot Habitation’ makes you roll your eyes, scoff, take some cheap shot at public schools, or any sort of dismissive form of hrumph,” he explains.

But he says he still wants to get to the bottom of this and he is asking the public for help.

“My goal is to communicate with you, I invite you to help me answer these questions, I know what I know, I want to know what you know,” Gymlan said.

Last March a similar incident took place when a 10-year-old boy claimed to have seen a ‘Bigfoot’ creature staring at him through a window outside his home in Kentucky.

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