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Are These Flying Humanoids?

ROSSENDALE VALLEY, England – A man working as a lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University claims he has captured the images of the little flying humanoids, which he calls “fairies”.

Credit: John Hyatt’s photograph of alleged fairies.

John Hyatt, 53,  says the pictures are genuine and haven’t been doctored. He admits, however, he was in “a bit of a shock when he blew them up.”

“I went out afterwards and took pictures of flies and gnats and they just don’t look the same,” he told the Manchester Evening News.

“People can decide for themselves what they are,” the professor, also a former Three Johns punk 80s band added.

He encourages people to “decide for themselves” as to what the picture shows and to “approach them with an open mind.”

“I think it’s one of those situations where you need to believe to see. A lot of people who have seen them say they have brought a little bit of magic into their lives and there’s not enough of that around.”

The pictures were taken in the Rossendale Valley, also known as the Forest of Rossendale, is home to the River Irwell and consists mostly of treeless moorland.

Cottingley Fairies photograph in 1917

Fairies are a heated subject in the Cryptozoology world and most researchers usually don’t bother to investigate. The Cottingley Fairies hoax in 1917, at a subscouncious level, could perhaps be behind this lack of trust in fairies today. Interestingly, Bigfoot hoaxes are quite prolific in the Cryptozoology field, yet the hairy cryptid keeps generating an abundant and enthusiastic interest among researchers.

Other investigators have theorized that fairies could be part of an ancient type of hominid, similar to the wingless gnomes, leprechauns and the Hawaiian Menehune.

It is not clear what Hyatt’s pictures really show; it could be an optical illusion caused by insects similar to the flying rods phenomena, although some claim this theory can’t explain the fast speed of the moving objects.

Another plausible theory is that they are insects abiding by the Gestalt laws of grouping, based on the human mind natural disposition to perceive patterns in the stimulus according to certain rules. This could explain why the insects appear to have “little human legs and arms” on the controversial pictures.

Or, like the professor says, “they are just beautiful pictures and beauty can make people believe.”

It seems that Hyatt is fully aware that human imagination is infinite, and encourages people to look at life with a positive attitude.

The photographs will be exhibited at The Whitaker Museum in Whitaker Park, Rossendale.


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  1. Alan Lowey

    April 8, 2014 at 4:56 am

    I’ve seen pictures of these before. They are a real mystery. It’s more than possible that these insectoids continue to grow to become the size of flying humanoids imo.

  2. Helen

    April 8, 2014 at 7:07 pm

    I never thought of that. I guess if they are something other than regular insects then it is possible that could happen.

  3. StonedInNY

    August 22, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    The pictures are genuine and legitimate. What you are viewing in the photograph IS in fact, Real, Legit, Genuine “Fairies”. I know this, for sure, due to the fact that I, myself, have, had and continue to experience and witness True, real life Fairies. I see them regularly, I speak to and with Fairies on the regular, they seek me out and speak with me as well, regularly. I’ve developed a very unique, real, strong relationship with the small fairy people.
    Their “Interdimentional” beings. Their highly intellectual, resourceful, and very kind, gentle beings. They can vocally speak, but when I speak with them, it’s through the mind.
    So due to me being a world renown, Interdimensional Fairy being’s expert, I can say that this photograph is legitimate. Trust me. If ANYONE knows, it’s me. I’m an experienced, professional in the field of Fairies.

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