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U.S. Army Sergeant: I was Abducted by a Beaked Alien

SAN LORENZO, Puerto Rico — A man came forward last Thursday about a decades-old “alien abduction” he claimed to have experienced in the eastern central region of Puerto Rico.


The anonymous man, who maintains he is now an Army sergeant with aviation background in North Carolina, says his neighbors also witnessed the incident.

“I was at the back of our house when I heard a humming noise. I turned around and there was a large ship hovering next to a tree,” he reported on MUFON. “The neighbors at the time saw the craft and reported the house shaking as it went by and the lights flickering.”

Suddenly, he claims, a door on the unidentified object opened and an “entity” stood on it.

“It was dressed in shiny black clothes and had what I believe to be a mask that made it look like it had a beak,” he recalls.

What reportedly happened next, left the Puerto Rican with a set of memories too vivid to forget. As he observed the “entity” standing on the door, a “robotic arm” picked up the young boy and put him inside the ship.

“After that, I remember sort of waking up in a table and something being put in my back. They told me it was a star and, being a kid, thats what I believed,” he recalls, adding that a group of smaller beings were walking around the table.

The man says the next thing he remembers was waking up in a grass field located about 600 feet away from where he had purportedly been abducted.

“The grass had been pushed down like a crop circle type. I ran home and explained my parents what had happened.”

He explains that his parents explained to him how their house, just like the neighbors’, had been shaking as the flying object arrived.

The problem, he says, is that they were not able to gather photographic evidence as they didn’t have a camera due to their economic hardship.

There is no mention of whether the young boy was taken to a doctor after the physical incident.

Reports of alien creatures visiting the Caribbean islands have emerged throughout the years.

The Aerial Phenomena Research Organization bulletin from January, 1982, reported an extraordinary event allegedly taking place at a Dominican Republic church in 1970.

San Lorenzo, a municipality of Puerto Rico, was founded in 1737 and bases its local economy on the production of tobacco and sugar.

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