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Truck Driver ‘Startled’ by Bigfoot in Utah

TOOELE, Utah — A man says he saw something that “looked like a Bigfoot” last week while parked at a truck stop in the city of Tooele.

The witness, a 48-year-old truck driver who provided his full name and phone number but asked to remain anonymous, told Cryptozoology News that he was parked at the TravelCenters of America truck stop during sunrise when he noticed the creature.

“It was kinda early, sun was coming up. I bring my binoculars all the time and I was looking at the mountains behind the lot,” he said. “I like looking for wildlife and stuff,” he added.

The animal was reportedly walking up the hill and heading north.

“It was walking  on a ridge half way up the hill with all the satellite stuff on it,” the truck driver explained.

“At night this place looks like it’s a UFO, but it’s just lit up with lights,” he said about the location.

tooele bigfoot
SR-112 West of Tooele. Credit: Garret. CC BY 2.0

The witness claims the alleged beast was “dark”, although he recalls the light was not sufficient for him to tell the exact color.

“It was dark, but I’m not leaning to jet black but dark.”

Suddenly, he said, things took a strange turn. After observing the beast walk for a few seconds, it reputedly came to a sudden stop.

“And it looked right at me as if it had a sixth sense. I freaked out,” he confessed.

He was now the one being watched.

Shaken by the incident, the truck driver put the binoculars down for a few seconds before trying to spot the creature again.

“I looked for ’bout 20 more minutes, but it was gone.”

The man said that he was “too far to take a picture” and that he “was not expecting to see one”.

“I’ve been driving trucks for 27 years. I saw it with a big, expensive binoculars with yellow lenses. It was just there. I was looking for anything, but when I saw it as it was walking, stop and turn and look my way, it startled me!” he said.

The city of Tooele lays on Tooele County in Utah with a population of 31,000 and is home to the TOCDF, a Chemical Agent Disposal Facility used for dismantling chemical weapons.

Earlier this year, a group of Bigfoot researchers, also in Tooele, captured the footage of what they believed to be a Bigfoot.

In June, the Beehive State was also witness to a controversial “Bigfoot” sighting that was captured on video by a couple driving near the town of Sundance.

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1 Comment

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