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‘Mogollon Monster’ and ‘Giant Rabbit’ Blamed for Electronic Failures and Harassment at Trailer Park

SHOW LOW, Ariz– Something is up in Navajo County. At least that’s what it looks like to the neighbors of this small community in east central Arizona.

Book author and Bigfoot researcher Mitchell Waite says that “strange things” are happening, but their cameras are not being able to capture these “events” due to electronic failure.

“The cameras only record for a few seconds…it’s not going to the SD card,” Waite explains as he frustratedly tries to videotape the big claw-like marks and “splatter” on the shiny wall of a trailer.

“What the heck is going on here!” he wonders.

But the equipment failures are just the beginning. Power outages, missing pets, strange lights, UFOs, and giant jackrabbits appear to be common features of this arid landscape.

“Neighbors are complaining about strange noises… growls and barefoot human-like prints,” the researcher says.

Waite points at the new scratch marks on the walls of the trailer house.
Waite points at the new scratch marks on the walls of the trailer house. Credit: Mitchell Waite/YouTube

“I hear this trailer has been doing weird things…  a black and white house cat has disappeared, notice how the window cover has been broken on the right edge. We are looking for any kind of damage that wasn’t there before.”

The Mogollon Monster, a Bigfoot-like creature purported to live in the Mogollon Rim of Arizona, has been Waite’s subject of study for decades. He is part of the Mogollon Monster website, an online platform that his research team has been using to document their findings since 2007.

“Our mission is to study the Mogollon Monster. We study numbers, birth rates, social structure, diets and why Bigfoot does what Bigfoot does.”

Reportedly, Waite and his team spotted the “giant jackrabbit”, but claim that when they attempted to capture it on video, the camera “malfunctioned” unexpectedly.

“The rabbit was sitting near the water tower,” he said. “It was watching me, sat on its hind legs with ears up.”

This lagomorph creature, he claims, has been spotted by “several witnesses” in the past.

“The biggest jackrabbit I have ever seen!” he said. “Should we add Skinwalker to our list of strange things at this trailer?”

The city of Show Low, which according to the legend owns its name to a marathon poker game between Corydon E. Cooley and Marion Clark, was established in 1870 and has a population of 10,500 people.

“We do not intent to harm or hurt them, our ultimate goal is to have them recognized, protected, and their area declared a Bigfoot refuge.”

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