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Texas Community Claims ‘Humanoids’ in El Paso Neighborhood

EL PASO, Texas — A man on Sunday said there are humanoid-like creatures “wearing wetsuits” hopping from rooftop to rooftop in his western Texas neighborhood.


Michael N., an El Paso resident who claimed to speak on behalf of his neighbors, says the the alleged creatures are active at night.

“Now they appear to run and jump from rooftop to rooftop,” says Michael.

The Texan describes the creatures as tall skinny humanoids that appear to be wearing wetsuits.

“They are not using a face mask.”

The first time he spotted one of the purported beings, he says, was in 1988.

“I was home alone sick when I saw one through the slide door window looking out into my backyard. I panicked and it noticed me watching it. It also panicked, then ran off into the neighbor’s yard. I lost track of it after that.”

But the man believes that things were different back then.

“As the neighborhood became arid and more sparse over the years, they needed to find other methods for getting around. They now use the rooftops late at night when most people are asleep,” he explains.

And Michael that he and his neighbors are uneasy about these sightings and are asking for help to determine what is happening in their El Paso neighborhood.

“We just would like an investigation to be done. We are curious for some answers,” he said.

Earlier this year, a man in Brighton, England, told Cryptozoology News that he had seen three unknown amphibious-looking humanoids on the beach.

In March 2015, a group of Peruvian men captured on video the images of an unidentified flying being they referred to as a “humanoid”.

Three months later, a newspaper delivery man, also from Florida, shared footage of an” extraterrestrial” being at a cemetery in Sarasota, Florida.

In November 2015, a family in Somerset County reported their Frome home had been broken in by a group of small creatures that “looked like the typical greys”. His two young sons reportedly asked their father whether “the clowns would be coming back”.

In July 2014, multiple witnesses reported to have seen a 5-feet-humanoid floating in the air as it walked along the shores of Necochea, Argentina.

In 2008, TV show Primer Impacted broadcasted the video of what some had called a “flying witch”, causing  panic among the residents of Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Some believe the so-called humanoids are men wearing a “Go Fast Jet Pack” device.

In the summer of 1955, an American family reported to have suffered a similar experience on a rural farmhouse in Kentucky.

Former White House Counselor for Climate Change and Energy Policy John Podesta in a tweet in 2015 expressed his regrets at not securing UFO disclosure prior to stepping down from his job.

john podesta ufo tweet

Three weeks later, President Obama during a Jimmy Kimmel show appearance said jokingly that “aliens exercise strict control” over humans. The President later denied any knowledge of the unproven creatures.

In July 2014, a Philadelphia Temple University professor said that aliens are already living in our planet and that they are forcing human women to raise their hybrid babies. Three months earlier, former president Bill Clinton surprised the Jimmy Kimmel show audience when he made a comment regarding the possibility of extraterrestrial visitation.

A book written by NASA in 2014 also suggested that aliens could have already visited Earth.

El Paso, considered the safest large city in the U.S. for four consecutive years, stands on the Rio Grande and has a population of 681,000.


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