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The Strange Case of ‘The Bodiless Legs’ on the A-457 in Spain

LORA DEL RIO, Spain — Numerous people claim to have seen a pair of  “bodiless walking legs” crossing a specific section of the A-457 road, between Lora Del Rio and Carmona in Seville, Spain.

Picture shows the exact spot where the anomaly keeps manifesting
Picture shows the exact spot on the A-457 where the anomaly keeps manifesting

The most recent “apparition” was reported to local newspaper La Radio de Papel in November, 2013.

Jose Jimenez and his family were reportedly on their way home from the city of Seville, when they observed the anomaly.

“We got in the car to drive back to Lora [Lora Del Rio] at about 12.30 a.m… approximately,” says Jimenez, “when we reached the intersection with The Carretera de Guadajoz, which is about 3 miles or so from Lora… there is a water canal, right next to the “La Trinidad” farmhouse, that happens to be a very dangerous road section. I always take the turns at a slow speed, and my wife sits always behind me helping me out, making sure everything is ok; ‘Pepe you OK?’, ‘Pepe, are you sleepy?’ She sits in the center of the backseat, next to the child. The child had fallen asleep, but after passing the farmhouse’s canal, just before taking the last right turn, prior to the straight stretch of road, you have the Arroyo Del Castillejo bridge about 350 feet from there…well…I see a car coming in the opposite direction, driving over the bridge…so I’m used to having the dipped-beam lights as to not to disturb the other drivers with the main-beam. Besides, I prefer the dipped-beam lights better because that way I avoid road sign reflections that don’t allow you to drive well at night. But suddenly, right after that turn, at about 100 feet or so…I didn’t see it coming out of the right side of the road, it was already in there, already on the road…I see these legs… these legs…very long legs, it looked like black pants, like black pants…or dark blue or something, and the legs kept walking across the road to the left side of the road. I was surprised because I was only able to see some legs…I look to the left side, and it was gone. Right at that time, my wife says ‘Pepe, did you see what I just saw?’  I reply ‘What? If I’ve seen what? What did you see?’ then she says, ‘I saw a pair of long legs crossing the road.’ So I tell her yes, I also saw the legs. I’m telling you this right now and I’m getting goosebumps…I saw it crossing in front of the car, but what I didn’t see were arms or a body attached to it. My wife says ‘neither did I…what do you think it was?’ I say, ‘I don’t know, because I looked well and I wasn’t able to see anything on the side of the road’. The other car that was driving across the bridge, it probably passed us by but I didn’t even noticed it…then my wife says ‘I also looked to the left but,’ you know, since the child was asleep in the baby car seat, she says, ‘I looked, but with the child and the baby car seat I had no way to see anything on that side…what could it be?’ and…here we are now.”

Radio de Papel Newspaper, November, 2013
La Radio de Papel Newspaper, November, 2013

The first documented case was reported in 2004 by married couple Fernando Roman and Mercedes Segura from the town of Carmona, who claimed they were driving home from Lora when the man had to abruptly come to a stop “in order to avoid running over the entity with the vehicle”.

“My wife is screaming at me, ‘you are going to run him over!’ So I hit the brakes, and when I looked to see what it was, it was gone,” Roman told the newspaper. “Then we got home and told our neighbors and we were shocked when they told us they had seen the same thing at that spot…” he added.

“When I saw it walking, slowly…they were just legs, just legs, kind of like some sort of fog…but dark. Then it continued crossing the road…and that’s it. My cousin, who drives an ambulance, told me they also saw it,” said Segura.

Map of the events. La Radio de Papel Newspaper, 2013
Map of the events. La Radio de Papel Newspaper, 2013

The second reported case came from Trinidad Cuevas, who explained she was on her way to work at around 4 a.m. in 2011, when she saw the bodiless legs. But there is an interesting difference between the other sightings and this one: the eyewitness didn’t see the strange figure crossing the road. Instead, she said, it walked “parallel to one side” of her car.

The third sighting took place in 2012 and was reported by Maria del Mar. She says it was something that looked like “pants all the way up to the waist”, but without a torso, head or arms.

All the witnesses say they don’t believe it was a case of hallucination and that they saw it clearly.

According to journalists in the area, that section of the road is known for causing tragic car accidents, and other type of violent deaths have been reported in the past.

The water canal, adjacent to the infamous section of the A-457, was built by prisoners of the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930s.

Too many people report the same details about the oddity, making it unlikely to be a case of animal misidentification or a homeless person crossing the road. Perhaps an optical illusion, the recurring incident has caught the attention of national investigators who are now flooding the area trying to find an answer to the mystery.

*Direct quotations were entirely translated from La Radio De Papel video interviews by Cryptozoology News.

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  1. Allan

    May 1, 2014 at 12:44 pm

    This same situation was recorded by Dr Seuss:

  2. John Jancar

    June 2, 2017 at 6:32 am

    Few things, if anything, creep me out. But seeing something like this, would most likely creep me out lol I guess it’s new. This is actually the first time I’ve read about this sort of thing.

    You read about these things, the paranormal, you read every type of paranormal event that’s out there, and it loses its shock value. It becomes almost normal. Bigfoot there. Ghost here. UFOs and aliens there. But this seeing just legs walking across the road, that’s new for me. I’ve never even heard of stories like that.

    Just when you think you’ve heard it all, and nothing paranormal could freak you out anymore, there’s walking legs in the forest lol Or crossing the road. Kind of creepy. More new things to come, hopefully.

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