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‘Something in the Woods’ Director: This is Going to be a Bigfoot Lovers’ Dream Film

JEFFERSON, Texas — Bigfoot is gradually becoming a popular subject among film makers. A new movie inspired by a variety of recent and classic Sasquatch eyewitness accounts is said to be screened next month in the state of Ohio.


Written, starred and directed by David Ford and Tony Odell Gibson, and produced by God Zone Productions, “Something in the Woods” is not your “typical Bigfoot slasher film”, according to the directing duo.

“We took the film in another direction for more of a realistic creature whose territorial disputes with a family become an edge of your seat thriller, yet still keeping good morals of the story ‘family oriented’,” Gibson, 36 and Austin native, tells Cryptozoology News.

It turns out, the creators of “Something in the Woods” did not solely rely on eyewitnesses accounts to tell their story. Although admittedly influenced by the alleged Ape Canyon event and the legend of Boggy Creek, Gibson says his team has incorporated certain elements into the movie that Sasquatch researchers will find quite familiar.

“Howls, wood knocks, tree structures… this is going to be a ‘Bigfoot lovers’ dream film,” he says.

Gibson, who also stars in the movie and has over ten years of experience in the filming industry, knows how hard it is to keep an independent project going.

“I am a writer as well as an actor, and this being the first time on both sides of the cameras as a director was great and exhausting at the same time. David Ford brought me in on this project having very little time and greatly needed assistance,” he recalls, adding that the project almost was postponed due to the “lack of experience and basic fundamentals”.

“However David, Stuart  and myself pulled the group together and I was promoted to director on the second day of filming. A great experience came out of the making of this project with an awesome cast and crew, and hidden talent. Was truly meant to be.”

He has previously been seen on “Stoploss”, “Grind House”, “Elvis & Annabell”, “Script Cops”, “Overbrook Brothers” and “Jumping off Bridges.”

Also making a living as a satellite technician and considers himself a “skeptical guy”, the Texan says he has had a fair share of personal unexplained experiences.

“I for the most part have traveled all over the United States. I have always been one to explore the unknown. Traveling beyond where roads end at times and out in the middle of nowhere past dark. I myself am a believer with my own personal experiences. I  think very highly of the scientific community and research that’s involved with the existence of Bigfoot,” he said. “The least little things don’t automatically get constituted as Sasquatch sightings to me. There is something out there for sure, but think the time and place for it to be known has yet to come.”

As to what would happen if Science ever comes to prove the existence of the primate, Gibson, a no kill advocate, hopes they don’t plan on harming it.

“These creatures remain elusive for many reasons. I wouldn’t want to see one in captivity, however fascinating. I would feel more comfortable knowing once captured and revealed, that it was released. That would ease the minds of the many blood thirsty on having a body if they were in fact found to be more human than animal. I believe one hasn’t been found because they have mimicking tactics with the surrounding nature, fear and threat from birds and other forest dwelling creatures. Their curiosity will be their capture if anything… My own personal beliefs in capturing an unknown primate remain private but will be revealed in due time. Hopefully it will aid and assist those not wanting to harm the creature, but merely observe in wonder before releasing,” he said.

The film will premier May 15 at the upcoming Ohio Bigfoot conference and anyone present at the event will be able to watch it in its entirety. Gibson did not elaborate on a future date on the flick’s release to the big screen or DVD, but, he said that “it is in the works for the very near future”.

“Something in the Woods” currently has an official website where they present additional information as well as a Facebook page offering constant updates about the film.

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