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‘Smiling Alien’ Shows Up in Woman’s Bedroom

Wash. — A Washington resident said on Thursday she saw a creature that looked like a “grey alien”.

The anonymous woman claims she was suddenly woken up for no particular reason last night when she noticed the uninvited entity inside her bedroom.

“I went to sleep before my husband that night. I then stared towards the open closet side of our bed. Something was leaning on the bed, I stared at it for only a few seconds,” she wrote on a report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network.

The Washington woman went on to say that the alleged creature began smiling at her, although, she says, it looked as if this was “its first time” showing a smile.

“Its face wrinkled around the big toothed smile.”

She described the being as the “average grey alien” minus the “elongated head” and the “small mouth”.

“It had a bigger head, bald. Not sure if its color was grey or green, because of the room being dark.”

The woman said that as the creature smiled, its yellow eyes started to glow, creating some sort of “yellow mist” that grew “brighter and brighter”, which apparently made her fall asleep.


And although she claims to be the type of person who “freaks out about these things”, she said that she didn’t feel any hostility.

“I’ve had other things happen while sleeping in that room before, but this time I remember the face. And I don’t think I’ll be forgetting anytime soon,” she said.

In early September, a man snapped a photograph of what he called a “grey alien” peeking through the bathroom’s window of his home in Southern California. On the same day, a Texas resident claimed to have had a scuffle with an alien creature inside his home, punching it until it left.

Back in May, a New Jersey woman said an alien had stolen her wrist watch by using a “circular energy tool” while sleeping in her bedroom.

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