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Rockstar Games Loves to Dangle Bigfoot - Cryptozoology News
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Rockstar Games Loves to Dangle Bigfoot

Other than the awesome “Sasquatch” in Capcom’s arcade-staple series “Darkstalkers” or the lead monster in the 2010 Gameboy Advance classic “Urban Yeti”, Bigfoot is not often a primary character in video games.

Beyond those examples, we don’t see Bigfoot, Sasquatch or the Yeti much as a leading player in gaming. Rather, mirroring real life, this cryptid is more often found as a deep and dark hidden secret, or little more than a glitch or redesign of some other character that requires you to spin around 26 times, hold B, and kneel at a wall for 25 seconds. Following this growing tradition of Bigfoot Easter-egging, “GTA V” brings Sasquatch to life with a little help from code miners and some peyote.

bigfoot, gta v, sasquatch, peyote, secret place gta v

Bigfoot stares at the city of Los Santos. Credit: Rockstar

Rockstar Games, creators of the “Grand Theft Auto” (GTA) series leads the pack in Bigfoot Easter-egging. It all began with “GTA: San Andreas” in 2002. After gamers beat the game every which way, the immersive world brought them right back for some tasty, teased hidden secrets. Some were small, and some were quite huge.

Rumors began about a hidden Bigfoot somewhere in a dark, massive, Northern Californian forested area of the game. Though the origin of this rumor is unclear, players grew tired searching up and down for the cryptid. Some “GTA V” hackers and modders decided to insert a custom Sasquatch into their own versions of the game. Very soon, screenshots and gameplay videos emerged; majorly confusing just about everyone else who was still intertwined in the world of  San Andreas. Commotion erupted. The creator of the game had to step in and finally admit, there is no Bigfoot in “GTA: San Andreas”.

Interestingly, the entire event planted a seed in Rockstar Games’ garden. Six years later in 2010, Sasquatch surfaced legitimately. In another sprawling open-world game “Red Dead Redemption”, the company provided a genuine, playable side-quest called ‘Undead Nightmare,’ allowing the player to hunt down several Sasquatch. When completed, you are granted the ‘Six Years in the Making Achievement’ – no doubt a nod to the San Andreas cryptid chaos.

Come 2013, new Bigfoot sightings accompany the release of “GTA V”. Aside from a minimal, thermal-imaged Bigfoot within a story cut scene, Rockstar released a game update detailing a new achievement called “Cryptozoologist”. A major hint that Sasquatch is somewhere in the game. Unfortunately, players worldwide failed to discover the Easter egg hidden beneath this massive clue.

Once again, GTA fans became a bit impatient. This time, instead of creating their own mod, they dug into the games core files and found the location of a secretly placed peyote plant, complete with exact coordinates and precise triggering requirements. So, head on over to -1472.531, 4439.456, 18.862 on a foggy Tuesday, eat the peyote plant, and experience the amazing transformation that, if you ask Rockstar, was 13 years in the making:

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