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Reptile-Like Creature Spotted in North Carolina

N.C. — A Charlotte man says he saw a snake-like creature at a lake in Catawba County.

The 76-year-old man, a retired Charlotte man who asked to be kept anonymous, told Cryptozoology News on Sunday that he was staying at his house on Lake Norman last Thursday when he spotted the unknown creature.

nessie, ness lake monster

“I have a house right no the shores of the lake with a palteny over looking the lake. I was looking out at the lake and saw large splashes in the water,” he said.

The creature, described as a long and yellow reptile, reportedly was visible to the man for about 30 seconds.

“It surfaced and swam around briefly, then went back underwater,” he explained. “It was kind of like an eel.”

It is not the first sighting of this nature reported at Lake Norman. Just a year ago, a park ranger claimed seeing a dinosaur-like creature eating a duck.

Three months earlier , two people claimed to have seen a similar creature in Lake Champlain.

In 2014, a Canadian man released a series of photographs containing what he claimed to be the Opogogo monster.

The same year, a park ranger at Lake Tele, Republic of Congo, said he had spotted a dinosaur-like monster and was able to watch it for over 5 minutes.

Lake Norman, fed by the Catawba River, was created in 1964 and is currently the largest artificial body of fresh water in the Taar Heel State

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  1. Fredrik

    December 14, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    Could be a albino burmese python.

  2. Sly

    December 27, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    Burms aren’t that aquatic. Likely an Anaconda.

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