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Predator-Like Humanoid Encounter in California - Cryptozoology News
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Predator-Like Humanoid Encounter in California

The following is an user-submitted report and is being posted in its entirety. If you have had a sighting and would like to send us a report, please fill out this form.

To whom it may concern,

I was going to use your report a sighting but I prefer to tell the
story this way. The story I am about to tell is from my parents that have
told it to me several times. I am their son Adam, in my 30’s and currently
weighing my options. My father is retired now and my mother occupation I do
not wish to disclosed at this time. My mother is in her 60’s and father is
in his 70’s now. My father use to work for Boeing, he use to work on the
737’s drilling holes, installation of seats, trays, etc. He also worked on
a C17 at one time. He also use to be a truck driver before retiring. Any
who, on with the story.

The house we lived in was a rental before it went up for sale. The area
was a residential street but very calm not many cars drive through it and
everyone usually stayed in doors or was at work. Not very much activity in
our neighborhood. We moved in about 1997 and we moved out sometime in 2011. Due to personal reasons. There was a pine tree in the front yard and a row of bushes on the opposite side of the drive way across from the pine tree. The bushes went along down to the curb before we cut them down. And they were about 6 feet tall and they had a sort of path way between them which was a little dense.

It was the year 2000 around 6 p.m. possibly on a Saturday, date and month
unknown. My dad was working on the side of our house boring holes for
anchors too install a new gate for the old one was just falling apart. My
mother came out of our house to see how my father was doing and to check on his progress. As she came out she thought she saw something move from the side of our garage in front of the pine tree to go across our drive way.
She blew it off and proceeded around the cars and to the side of the house
where my father was. My father was drilling the holes but my mother got his attention. He was in a crouched position and as he turned around to his
right he noticed something strange from his peripheral vision. But then he
completely turned around and then for about 3-4 seconds he saw something
move, then push apart the bushes, then saw bushes swaying and it was gone.

My fathers immediate reaction was… “What the…What’s that!? Did you see
that!?” He asked my mother if she had seen what he had saw. But then
settled himself down because he thought my mother would think his just
being crazy. And she would just tease him about it later. See my father is
more opened minded and inclined to the supernatural stuff, UFO’s(Which
we’ve seen plenty of times), Bigfoot, etc. As my mother is more of a
skeptic when it comes to those kind of things and just sorta doesn’t want
anything to do with it.

My father just tried to shrug it off before my mother could start teasing
him but she confirmed she had seen what he saw. She pushed him to go see
what it was and if it was gone. He checked for footprints and to see if he
saw anyone but came up with nothing.

“It was tall but it was hunched over, it was like a bubble of water around
it. I don’t know it was weird. It moved so fast but it moved as if it was
gliding, swoosh!” my mother has told me.

“It was like you’re looking at something but your eye’s cannot adjust.
You’re looking and it’s blurring the view point you’re trying to focus on
to see past it. It was like something was there but you couldn’t tell if it
was your eyes or what. It was like the predator, you know when he goes
invisible.” my father said.

We’ve talked about this several times, my mother doesn’t even want to think about it anymore. And my dad just wonders as much as I do. What did it
want? How long was it watching them? Where did it come from? Where did it go?

My parents both think it was watching them. My dad said it’s almost like it
noticed he was going to turn around and it’s why he saw it in motion. For
how long? They don’t know. My mother says she had seen it before in the
morning before she was going to go to work in the rear view mirror of her
van. She didn’t think much of it and thought she was just seeing things. My
brother in law cut down the tree cause the sap would get on our cars and
the pine needles. And he cut down bushes not cause of this incident but
just to lessen the yard work.

I couldn’t get any pictures of 2000, Google wouldn’t go that far back. But
as I describe, the bushes went all the way down to the curb and where a lot
thicker and taller. Location is West Covina, California, USA

I blurred the street name and some of the cars we use to own. As to the
exact location I do not wish to disclose.

For privacy reasons, Cryptozoology News has decided not to post the location pictures of the alleged encounter.

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