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Police Capture ‘Ghost’ on Camera, claim Entity Breathes on Officers’ Necks

ESPANOLA, N.M. — The Espanola police department in New Mexico released footage Thursday containing what “looks like a ghost” walking across the lot in the sally port in the back of the police station.

Public safety aide Karl Romero was waiting for an inmate to be brought in the holding facility when he noticed the anomaly on the screen.

“At first I thought it was a polilla,  like a fly, a moth, and then…I saw the legs and it was a human,” Romero told local news reporter Nancy Laflin.”But not a real human. It was a ghost,” he added.

The video shows a blurry human-like silhouette seemingly making its way through the sally port chain link fence, then walking across the middle of the sally port before crossing the chain link fence again.

“You can see it walk through. It walks in the direction of the old transport cages,and there is not really any way for it to get out through there, but it seems to walk right through that,” Romero’s supervisor detective Solomon Romero explained.

The detective also confessed that other officers have reported paranormal incidents recently.

“They have felt what appears to be somebody breathing down their neck as they are working on reports in the briefing room.”

Detective Romero says this was not a technical glitch.

I believe in ghosts,” he said

Additional officers confirm that strange noises and similar apparitions also happen to be common inside the station.

The Espanola police station has been at that location since 2006. According to the department, there have been unsolved murders near the building.

“For years we have heard, and even seen him or her around the building, but now we finally have proof on camera,” YouTube user FFGalvan, who claims to work for the same police department, said about the uploaded footage.

According to Galvan, they recorded approximately “ten shots at different angles and zooms”.

“We  captured the actual “swag” of his/her walk and the separating of the legs,” he said.

“It’s amazing, so happy we finally got it on camera.”

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