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The Pink Eyed Albino Bigfoot of Kentucky

Brown Sasquatch. This is the most common type of sighting. Sometimes the eyewitness describes the creature as having black hair, or any other kind of dark fur.

But on rare occasions a white Bigfoot shows up. This is a type of encounter highly regarded by cryptozoologists and Sasquatch investigators.

As a week that has clearly been monopolized by Bigfoot sightings coming from the state of Kentucky, it’d be appropriate to remember the albino Sasquatch encounter that took place in the fall of 1980.

Located in Mason County about nine miles southwest of Maysville, the small rural town Mays Lick –also known as Mayslick– is home to 1,800 people. And it is not surprising that, if a creature like a white Bigfoot really exists, it would choose to inhabit the surroundings of such a little paradise.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Charles Fulton was watching TV with his family when a sudden noise on the front porch interrupted their program. Following that noise, they noticed some sort of disturbance coming from where Fulton’s son kept his pet rooster. Startled and curious to see who was roaming his property at 9.30 p.m., he took a look through the door to find a 7 foot tall, 400 pound creature with white hair and pink eyes. The animal, he said, was holding the rooster by the neck and suddenly threw it against the wall of the house. The man then allegedly grabbed a .22 caliber pistol and proceeded to chase the strange creature away, firing two shots at it.

The incident was being investigated by Doug McGill, a radio newsman at WFTM. Ron Schaffner and Earl Jones contacted McGill and were able to schedule an interview with the eyewitness.

Wonderlane, CCBY2.0
Wonderlane, CCBY2.0

Fulton told them that the creature had been probably scared by the lights in the house, prompting the animal to run away. Fulton also gave additional information regarding the complexion of the cryptid: the rare white hair was very long, kind of like a “horse’s mane”. Its appearance, he added, was “man-like”, although you could see that it was not a person by looking into its eyes. Its gait contained “large strides”, but it “moved at a slow speed”.

It also appears that the animal was capable of nocturnal vision given how it was able to dodge a few obstacles Fulton stumbled upon.

Following the investigation it was revealed that the pet rooster was unharmed and that another pet, a raccoon previously closed in a cage, was mysteriously found on the roof of the house. Investigators weren’t able to find any supplemental evidence such as tracks or hair.

While the incident could have been a case of feral human misidentification, other similar cases happening in the vicinity indicate the validity and importance of Fulton’s testimony.

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