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Peruvian Men Capture Video of ‘Flying Humanoid’

PUERTO MALDONADO, Peru —  A group of Peruvian men last Sunday captured on video the images of an unidentified flying being they referred to as a “humanoid”.

Radio and television producer Cesar Rodriguez and his team told UFO investigator Anthony Choy that they were in the city of Puerto Maldonado on March 6 when they captured the oddity.

The men produced a 2-minute-long Spanish-speaking film in which the alleged entity can be seen slowly flying over a church. The dark human-like silhouette was reportedly visible for about five minutes prior to vanishing.

“It’s like a humanoid,” Rodriguez says in the video. “It’s like an animal or something,” he adds.

The men appear to be struggling to keep a constant visual contact with the supposed humanoid, but the camera seems to be able to capture the entire sighting.

“It is not there… but you can see it on the camera,” Rodriguez explains as the other men in the video announce its disappearance. “That’s crazy, isn’t it? You can only see it on the camera now.”

The unidentified creature then gets lost behind the clouds.

“It came out of nowhere and then it vanished.”

The video has garnered more than 53,000 views as of Saturday evening.

Purported videos of flying humanoids over the South American skies have attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands before. In 2008, TV show Primer Impacted broadcasted the video of what some had called a “flying witch”, causing  panic among the residents of Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

But some believe the so-called humanoids are just men wearing a “Go Fast Jet Pack” device.

Such is the case of YouTube users NilgustQsonic 24Mil and Danny Bolder, who prompted commented on the controversial video.

“I am sure he was just wearing an anti-gravity device that allows him to fly. There have been many like these before,” Bolder writes.

In 2014, two Argentinian technicians claimed to have seen a humanoid hovering over the beaches of Necochea in two separate incidents.

In 1972, a similar entity some eyewitnesses described as an angel, reportedly entered a church during a religious ceremony and touched 45-year-old Ramona De Baez, who was suffering from stomach cancer. The illness, De Baez later claimed, was completely gone after the alleged encounter with the “entity”.

Choy, who claims to have been investigating similar cases since 2010, says he is open to suggestions from the viewers that help identify the anomaly seen in Rodriguez’s video.

Video translated by Cryptozoology News.

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