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Pennsylvania Children Encounter ‘Bigfoot’

A man in Pennsylvania claims he saw a bipedal creature.

Zed said on Friday that he was walking near a dairy farm with his uncle and a few cousins when they came across the unusual creature right after Hurricane Agnes in 1972.

“I was 11. We came to a clearing that led down to an area of a BS encampment,” he wrote on the comments section of a Pennsylvania local news website. We were about 150 yards from a sign that stood about 10 feet off the ground. We saw someone, or something, passing in front of that sign.”

The man described the animal was being about 8 feet tall.

“It was dark and huge,” he added. “If it was a Bigfoot, we saw one. If there not such things, I don’t know what we saw.”

Three years ago, two women reportedly encountered a “Bigfoot” in Florida after recent floods caused by Hurricane Hermine.

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