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Oregon Woman Claims Sasquatch Sighting

A woman in Oregon says she saw a large biped around her house in Columbia County.

The woman, whose name and location were kept anonymous by the BFRO, says she had just gotten up to let her dog out when she noticed a strange smell.

The dog, she explains, usually wants to stay out for about 2 hours but that day he asked to come back inside “immediately”.

“It was June, about 7:30 and there was the strong smell of sewage and I could hear branches breaking along the side of my home, nothing new as deer go by often. I didn’t think too much of it,” she said.

She claims that as she walked into the bathroom, she noticed unusual movement through the window.

“So I took a closer look. A large animal, blackish, walking upright going up the hill into the cemetery behind my home.”

She described it as a 7-feet-tall dark-haired creature with blocky build with square shoulders”.

BFRO investigator Scott Taylor, who spoke with the eyewitness, said that he believes the sighting is legitimate.

“Due to the combination of the dog’s behavior, which is commonly reported when sasquatches are near-by, the odor she described, and the good sighting, there is no-doubt that this witness was fortunate enough to view a sasquatch walking by,” said Taylor.

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