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Opinion: Bigfoot Eyeshine and Hoaxes

The following is a reader’s opinion:

It is always difficult to say if something is truly real or a fabricated hoax when it comes to videos or photographs. While the later is easier to hoax, the former can still, with great creativity and thought, be there to trick us. The greatest achievement of the human mind is knowledge. With it we can determine truly if something is real or not. Educating oneself on nature is the best way to gain that knowledge. Critical thinking skills also can save one from a humiliating conversation.

In the case of many Bigfoot, Yowie, Yeti, and various other apelike creatures in our world, we need to consider what nature has provided to us and all of the great apes of the world. Great apes, including humans, do not have an eye shine. Eye shine is the reflection of light back to the viewer when light hits the eyes of an animal at night. Great apes could possibly see in color much like we humans do. Which means that if Bigfoot and his cousins are in the ape family and share DNA with humans he would not have an eye shine. This means when a light hits a Bigfoot he would more then likely raise his hand to shade his eyes till they adjust to the light.

I am not saying that all night time videos of Bigfoot eye shine is a hoax. I am stating that it is more then likely a hoax or another animal that can produce eye shine.

In all parts of the world there are predators that can and may choose to view humans as dinner. In north America it is not uncommon for Mountain Lions to snack on the occasional biker. These big cats do have eye shine that is in the green color range. While bears have more of an amber coloration. Dogs may vary from green to amber as well and are often the main culprit of stalking. Cows can often be mistaken for large unexplained critters following a person. Their yellow eye shine can be a little unsettling and they will follow humans. Especially if it is a lone cow that is hungry and associates humans with receiving food. Finally the Owl, which has a red eye shine and the most frightening of all the critters of the forest and rural towns. The great grey owl can have a wingspan of sixty inches or more, and can carry off a medium dog or even a goose.


Racoon’s eyes shine in the dark

Now, all the explanation of eye shine does nothing if you also don’t take into consideration the spacing of the eyes. Predators such as Mountain lions, coyotes, bears, and even wolves all have binocular vision. Which means when they look at you fully you’ll see a closer spacing of the eyes. Meanwhile in herbivores you’ll see a fairly wider spacing of the eyes. And often times will freeze when a light hits their eyes. Thus why spotlight hunting is illegal in most states. It’s just plain unfair!

I conclude my opinion with the fact that it is just that. My opinion. I am not confirming nor denying the existence of large bipedal primate. Discoveries of new species can happen upon every day of the year. And some cryptic animals we have actually confirmed the existence of! Such as the Giant squid and the coelacanth. Without brave souls searching for the unknown creatures of this world we may never know the extent of diversity on our planet, but do use the best judgment that you have. If it acts like a cat, looks like a cat, and feels like a cat, it is probably a Chihuahua.


Always guessing,
Jody Bergquist


*This is a reader's opinion. Articles written by our readers don't necessarily reflect the views of Cryptozoology News.

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  1. Alan Lowey

    June 8, 2014 at 10:32 pm

    I think the ‘bigfoot’ species isn’t a primate despite Meldrum and others presuming so. They could still have colored eyes which isn’t eyeshine. The dogman type cryptid has been reported to have yellow reflective patches which it can ‘open’ just under it’s eyes, giving the illusion of eyeshine. The females are reported to have red eyes at night, which again could have evolved so be something other than regular ‘eyeshine’.

  2. Alan Lowey

    June 8, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    Here’s the youtube link. Notice in his drawing that the bright yellow patch is below the eye.

    [url=STRANGE CREATURE -never seen anything like it][/url]

  3. Sasfoot Bigquatch

    June 10, 2014 at 4:27 am

    Good article there. Nice to see some sense in a field that has more than its fair share of wierd.

    I’ll share a link to this at my blog too.

  4. Jeff

    February 19, 2015 at 5:35 am

    Truly human eyes do not reflect natural light, though its conceivable to say an ape like creature given its nocturnal nature could in fact evolve in such a way to provide eye shine, also a lot of trail cameras and other videography equipment utilize Infared which do in fact result in something very close to eye shine in humans.

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