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Ohio Landscaper Encounters 8-Feet-Tall ‘Gorilla’

ATHENS, Ohio — A landscaper in Ohio claims he came upon a tall bipedal creature that resembled a gorilla.

bigfoot ohio

Joe Kalavity, of Athens, told Cryptozoology News on Sunday that he was walking his dog in the nearby woods when he encountered the unidentified animal.

“It was about midnight and I couldn’t sleep and my dog Buddy was wound up, so I figured I would take him out for a walk to blow off some steam. I get outside and see it’s a full moon,” the 27-year-old man said about the March, 2013 alleged sighting. “I figure that’s probably what’s got him wired up.”

But, according to Kalavity, the dog was upset about something else.

“He’s a pretty calm dog. We’re walking for a good 20 minutes when I start to get tired. So I stop and turn to go back the way we came, but Buddy stays put, staring down the trail and he won’t come even with me tugging on him. He is just staring.”

Reportedly, as the eyewitness investigates what his dog is pointing at, he notices something standing in the middle of the trail.

“I look up to see what he’s so interested in, and up ahead, maybe 50 yards at the most, is this big, dark creature standing up on two feet in the moonlight. My first thought was, is that a gorilla? I was like a deer in the headlights I couldn’t move,” he recalls.

Kalavity, a hobbyist photographer, says he was carrying the camera with him but that as soon as he reached for his camera the purported creature went off the trail and into the woods. He added that the sighting lasted about 20 seconds and the estimated the height of the animal was 8 feet.

“It was dark and hairy and it walked on two legs. I couldn’t see its face or eyes. It was big. I couldn’t sleep that night,” he said.

In June of 2015, an Ohio man released a series of pictures he claimed to show a group Bigfoot creatures. A month earlier, a father and his daughter were hiking a trail when they reportedly encountered a Bigfoot running across a field in Mahoning county, Ohio.

The Buckeye State is not new to claimed Bigfoot sightings. In 1869, the Minnesota Weekly Record reported that a “hairy wild man” had attacked a father and his daughter while traveling in a carriage on a road through the woods.

In 1980, off-duty police officer Ray Quay said he was dumbfounded” after witnessing a “seven- feet-tall, hairy animal” in his barn yard in Bellefountaine.

In 2012, a video of an alleged Grassman went viral when a YouTube user by the name of HowTo101Channel uploaded the footage for the world to watch. Later, the video was not longer available on YouTube due to a copyright claim by Ryan Ledoux.

In 2013, TV show Mountain Monsters released footage of a creature they believed to be the cryptid on top of an Ohio hill.

In 2015, a nurse shared the photograph of what she initially thought was a Bigfoot creature. It was later disclosed that the picture contained the purported shape of the unproven animal cut out of metallic material.

Athens, located along the Hocking River, is home to 24,000 people and a qualified Tree City USA.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tim

    October 19, 2016 at 6:08 pm

    You think you can start having witnesses draw out what they’ve encountered from now on? that would help tremendously and make these stories an even better read!

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