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New NASA Book: Rock Art on Earth Made by Aliens?

A new book made for NASA suggests that Earth could have already been visited by aliens.

Archaeology, Anthropology and Interstellar Communication, a 330-page long document written by a group of scientists and scholars and edited by Douglas A. Vakoch –director of Interstellar Message Composition at SETI–, is full of plausible theories and plans on how to communicate with beings from other worlds.

“Addressing a field that has been dominated by astronomers, physicists, engineers, and computer scientists, the contributors to this collection raise questions that may have been overlooked by physical scientists about the ease of establishing meaningful communication with an extraterrestrial intelligence. These scholars are grappling with some of the enormous challenges that will face humanity if an information-rich signal emanating from another world is detected,” NASA wrote on their website.

But one of the most notable parts of the book is the section where Dr William Edmonson, professor at the University of Birmingham, suggests that the rock formations we see on Earth could be of extraterrestrial origin.

“Consider again, therefore, the desirability of establishing symbolic/linguistic communication with ETI [Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence]. It is helpful to review some parallels from human existence that pose problems for us today. One of these is “rock art,” which consists of patterns or shapes cut into rock many thousands of years ago. Such ancient stone carvings can be found in many countries […]

We can say little, if anything, about what these patterns [above] signify, why they were cut into rocks, or who created them. For all intents and purposes, they might have been made by aliens,” Edmonson said.

He is referring to the artistic expressions carved into rocks all across America, Australia, Europe, India, and many other places around the world.

The theory, which has been proposed by UFO researchers for decades, is also the main theme of the popular TV show Ancient Aliens.

This is a photograph of some Indigenous Australian rock art in the wandjina style, located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia |Source=[ Wandjina Rock
This is a photograph of some Indigenous Australian rock art in the wandjina style, located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia |Source= Wandjina Rock

Some of these formations include the Nazca lines in Peru, Las Caritas in the Dominican Republic, the art panels of the Sinagua people, and the Wandjinas in Australia.

While the group of scientists involved in the new NASA book are not claiming that these carvings were made by aliens, they are clearly establishing an unprecedented foundation to pave the way for other researchers to look at the possibility of the existence of alien life, whether on Earth or on a newly discovered planet.

“[…]the physical arrangement of objects on a habitable planet’s surface will be shaped in part by gravity (the notion of a horizon might well be universal) and thus multispectral images might plausibly be considered worthwhile for messages.”

In a guest appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show last April, former president Bill Clinton said he “wouldn’t be surprised” if the Earth was visited by aliens.

You can download Archaeology, Anthropology and Interstellar Communication in Kindle format, epub or pdf.

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