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New 'Mothman' Sighting in Point Pleasant - Cryptozoology News
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New ‘Mothman’ Sighting in Point Pleasant

POINT PLEASANT, W.Va.– A student says he and another person were startled by a creature they believed to be the Mothman.

The City of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.T.D., a 16-year-old Tennessean who provided his full name but was omitted as per the standard code of journalism ethics regarding disclosure of the identity of a minor, told Cryptozoology News on Thursday that he was visiting a friend in Point Pleasant, a West Virginian town with a population of 4,000, when the event took place back in 2010.

“I was spending the night with a friend,” said the Kenton, Tennessee resident. “We both saw a black figure outside the house, standing in the road. I thought it was a giant owl of some sort,” he added.

The two friends were “hiding behind a window” and “constantly peeking out” to see if the cryptid was still there.

“It would not go away,” the witness explained.

After a while, he says, they decided to go out of the house “with a baseball bat” and “yelled at it”, but the alleged beast emitted a “loud, ear-deafening screech” and flew away.

The eyewitness said the creature was about 7 feet tall, “jet black” and with an owl-like face featuring dark red glowing eyes.

“It had no fur, only skin. The wingspan was of at least 6 or 7 feet across.”

No pictures or videos were taken at the time of the incident.

The Mothman, a ghostly winged humanoid, was reportedly first seen on November, 12, 1966 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. The original report stated that five men were digging a grave at the local cemetery when they spotted the cryptid. Three days later, two different couples reported seeing a “flying human” with red-glowing eyes chasing their vehicles.

Newspaper The Athens Messenger's followup story on original Mothman sighting in Point Pleasant. Credit: The Athens Messenger
Newspaper The Athens Messenger’s followup story on original Mothman sighting in Point Pleasant, 1966. Credit: The Athens Messenger

According to cryptozoological literature, the creature is believed to be able to predict upcoming events that have the potential to impact human life. The Mothman Prophecies, written by parapsychologist author John Keel in 1975, painstakingly describes the events that lead to the collapse of the Silver Bridge. The story was later brought to the big screen by director Mark Pellington and starring Richard Gere on a film with the book’s name.

Encounters with flying humanoids around the world have been reported throughout the years and some people believe them to be “angels” or “demons”.

In late October, Nick Malicki, who calls himself the Nephilim Hunter, released footage of what he says was a “Nephilim” creature attached to the roof of an undisclosed cave in Australia.

Earlier this year, a lecturer at the Manchester Metropolitan University in England shared a series of photographs depicting little “flying humanoids” he called “fairies”.

In 2007, a police officer from Mexico admitted to being attacked by a flying humanoid while on patrol in the city of Monterrey.

In 1976, two children in the UK reported to have seen a large unidentified winged creature they described as a “nasty bird man”, hovering over the 13th Century church’s tower in the village of Mawnan, Cornwall.

The Tennessee student says he has “told a few people” about his “Mothman encounter” but that, so far, the feedback has been negative.

“They said that I was crazy,” he said.

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