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New Humanoid Shows Up in Argentina’s Beach

NECOCHEA, Argentina — Multiple witnesses claim they saw the same humanoid-type creature hovering over the beaches of Necochea in two separate incidents in May.

Two middle aged technicians working for a major corporation, who provided their full names but requested to remain anonymous, told Guillermo D. Gimenez that it was cold and rainy when the sighting took place from their apartment on the 11th floor.

“We were looking through the window of the apartment located facing the sea and something caught our attention. We could see some strange lights lighting the very edge of the sea,” they said. “Imagine our surprise when moments after seeing these lights, we saw a person walking in that direction out of thin air. The figure vanished moments later, as did the strange lights on the shore,” they added.

Two days later and according to the additional witnesses, the mysterious figure reappeared. Guadalupe P. and her daughter Marcela P. caught a glimpse of the same creature, “floating as it walked” on the shore.

“My 17-year-old daughter summoned me because she had seen something ‘strange’ moving along the seashore from south to north. I should explain that we live facing the sea on the 11th floor. It was a clear but very cold night. An ethereal figure in whitish hues, yet simultaneously transparent, could be made out,” said 52-year-old Guadalupe.

The strange figure, she said, was about 5,40 ft tall. As they turned off their lights in their apartment in order to take a better look, they were able to confirm that the humanoid was “traveling in the air”.

Neochea Beach Humanoid
The Beach of Necochea, by Pilotodestrellas CC BY SA 2.0

“It gave the impression of flying in the air, its feet were unsupported. Facing our seaside apartment there is a wooden platform –used in the summer as a bar and refreshment vending point– and this figure stopped there for a few seconds before moving on. We saw it for a few meters but lost it from sight in front of the sandbanks. It should be noted that the beaches are lit up to that point. We don’t know if it went into the sea or kept walking toward the seawall,” she recounted.

Marcela, who allegedly saw the floating figure first, says she was able to see it flying clearly.

“I called my mom over so she could look, and as she regarded it for a few seconds, realized it wasn’t a person, since it didn’t appear to be wearing clothes, a scarf, hats or shoes, and as I said earlier, it was a very cold night. It was moving in the air, as if floating. It kept going for some 330 feet until it reached a platform with wooden pilings that is used in the summer as a refreshment stand. It stopped there, lingered a few seconds, and kept going another 490 feet, although its figure became less noticeable, it became more diffuse, until it finally vanished altogether. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this. I was stunned. For that reason I keep looking through the balcony at night, hoping to see something like it again,” she explained.

Necochea is a beach city in the southwest of Buenos Aires Province and it is located on the Atlantic coast.

In 2007, a police officer from Mexico admitted to being attacked by a similar flying humanoid while on patrol in the city of Monterrey.


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