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‘Naked Ghost’ Shows Up in Argentina

ARGENTINA– Newly released footage of a “ghost” apparition during a soccer match in Argentina last week left millions of disturbed viewers intrigued and trying to decipher the anomaly.

The 1-minute-long video, broadcasted live via Spanish television and later uploaded to YouTube by Futbolmundial TV, shows a human-like silhouette running back and forth around the periphery of the match between the teams Argentina Racing and River Plate.

“He is naked!” said a Spanish speaking news commentator. “Can you see it? It just goes through the ads… it’s walking through the people!”

YouTube viewers quickly took to their keyboards to comment on the event.

“It’s a lie because I went to the game and I didn’t see any ghosts,” said Monica Ines Cosso.

But it is unclear whether the oddity was visible only through the lens of a camera.

Back in April, similar footage was taken in Bolivia where a “ghostly apparition” was seen jogging through the middle of the stadium’s tribune. It was later determined that the “dark shadow” was just a man running along an empty row of seats.

Visual techniques allow the overlapping of images and can be easily accomplished on live television transmissions.

In 2012, the laser hologram of defunct American rapper and actor Tupac Shakur stunned hundreds of people during the the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California.


Direct quotes and comments were translated by Cryptozoology News from the posted video segment and the 
YouTube comments section.

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