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Missouri Man Claims Seeing 400 Lbs Bigfoot - Cryptozoology News
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Missouri Man Claims Seeing 400 Lbs Bigfoot

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Mo.– A man in Missouri claimed Tuesday he saw a “big hairy ape-looking thing” coming out of the woods and walking into an open pasture.

The man, who requested to remain anonymous, said he was sitting under a tree in his backyard watching birds when the incident took place.

“It was about an hour or so before sunset,” the witness told Sam Uptegrove, an opinion writer at the Christian County Headliner. “I can’t tell you the exact date because, like a darned fool, I didn’t write it down, but it was definitely in June of this year,” he added.

According to the witness, there was “something moving at the edge of the woods” about 50 yards away.

“I saw that it was a big hairy ape-looking thing that must have been at least 7 feet tall, built like one of those steroid-filled linebackers,” he recalls.

Reportedly, the creature then headed to the open pasture adjacent to the woods. By that time, the man says, the “Bigfoot” was clearly aware of him watching it.

“He looked right at me for a couple of seconds without even slowing down. Then he walked all the way across the field at a little bit of an angle away from me, which is probably close to a 150 yards, without even glancing my way again. It was like I didn’t matter to him a bit.”

Lonely tree stands in the middle of a Missourian open pasture.
Lonely tree stands in the middle of a green Missourian pasture.

The Missourian described the beast as having a long stride and hair of a dark brown color with “sort of a reddish tint” under the sun. He believes the hair length was “about four inches long in general and maybe a little longer in some spots, like the head and hanging down from the arms”. He estimated its weight at about 400 lbs.

“He didn’t walk fast, but his legs were so long that he covered a good chunk of ground with every step,” he explained.

He also stated that he was able to take a look at its face, and it wasn’t pretty.

“Sure wasn’t what I would call handsome by any stretch of the imagination. He was more human in the face than like an ape.”

Purportedly, the animal made no audible sounds, although a friend of the witness claimed to have heard strange “growls” and “wood knocks” prior to another sighting that allegedly occurred two months later. None of the witnesses took pictures or video of the incident.

Uptegrove, who has been keeping track of Bigfoot sightings in the area, says these reports are unusual as they normally tend to come out of the western part of the county. He believes the recent sightings could be indicative of the creature moving away from a fast growing, ever developing urban environment and searching for new resources.

Lawrence County is located in Southwest Missouri with a population of 40,000. It has a total area of 613.40 square miles, out of which only 0.05% consists of water, possibly making it harder for animals to relocate to other sections of the county.

In May of this year, a man from Hillsboro told Cryptozoology News that he had seen a similar animal peeking through the window outside his bedroom.

In the spring of 1982, a soldier training at Fort Leonard Wood Army Base in Missouri claimed to also have had an encounter with a “Bigfoot” creature.

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