Missourian Captures Possible Bipedal Vocalizations

Posted on Dec 30 2015 - 7:31pm by Cryptozoology News

Mo. — A man in Missouri has released audio of what he is referring to as a possible bipedal creature.

A parabolic microphone is used to record nature's sounds

A parabolic microphone is used to record nature’s sounds

50-year-old Randy Savig, a disabled researcher, told Cryptozoology News that he has been investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon for over three years.

Last month, explains Savig, he went out on an expedition with the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center team, also known as MABRC, when he captured the “odd vocalizations”.

“The recording has some interesting stuff, in my opinion,” he told Cryptozoology News. “We call this location the Volcano Bowl,” he said, referring to the clandestine area where the sounds were allegedly recorded.

The 4-minute-long audio file contains a series of unidentified animal calls as well as the sounds of several endemic species, such as wolves and coyotes.

“Some odd vocals, distressed yelp followed by growl and whoops, some very scream like,” he said, adding that he believes the creature was walking on two legs.

The Missourian says he mostly works with audio, but that he also takes some videos every now and then. He explains that he is dedicated to finding audible evidence of the existence of the cryptid most researchers refer to as Sasquatch.

“There is no way that I can prove what critter makes these variety of sounds with all the related evidence in the same area, but I suspect it is Sasquatch,” Savig says. “So they are classified as unknown.”

Savig reportedly uses a parabolic microphone to capture the data. He believes whatever was making the unidentified sounds was also “messing with the parabolic”.

Some Bigfoot investigators, such as the Australian man in charge of the Yowie Listening Project, believe the creature is so elusive that the only possible way to capture evidence of its existence will be to use an audio recorder.

“I can’t stress how highly elusive these creatures are. They won’t dance for apples under an IR light,” the man, looking for anonymity, told Cryptozoology News last February.

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