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Maryland Behavioral Counselor Encounters Ape-Like Creature

BIG POOL, Md. — A man in Maryland said he saw an unidentified bipedal creature in western Washington County.


Richard Daniels, a behavioral counselor currently residing in New Mexico, says he and his family were unloading their vehicle next to their home when he heard something moving in the nearby woods.

“It happened upon returning home from a day out on an unusually warm January day. I could hear heavy footfalls moving behind the brush line each time I returned to the car,” the 49 year old said about the 2000 encounter. On my last trip out to the car I saw something drop to a crouch in a gap in the brush line,” he added.

Daniels explains that even though it was already dark, the area was partially lit by a full moon and a light from a lamp post about 150 feet away, resulting in a clear view of the purported animal.

“I stared at it for about a minute, as it stared back at me, then retired back into the house for good. At that time I could only think about how it was the strangest looking bear I had ever seen.”

The creature, he says, had broad shoulders estimated to be about 3-feet wide. Its long arms, a common denominator among reported Bigfoot encounters, were “hung down to the ground in front of it”.

“Knees were visible sticking out at about 45 degree angles. Even though it was clearly crouching, the head was as high as the tree canopy, five feet high,” he said.

Big Pool, located between Clear Spring and Hancock, is an unincorporated Maryland community and a part of the Hagerstown Metropolitan Area.

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