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Man Shares ‘Bigfoot’ Encounter in Connecticut

The following is an user-submitted report and is being posted in its entirety. If you have had a sighting and would like to send us a report, please fill out this form. The eyewitness requested to remain anonymous but provided a full name and contact information.

Omitted as requested by the eyewitness

Email Omitted for privacy purposes

Field ID #5
I would like to remain anonymous

Your Age

Your Profession
Retired printer worked 28 years for state of CT.

Your Country/City/State
Berlin, CT. 06037. Sighting happened at a different place.

When did the event take place? Please specify *date and time*
It was about 8:30 am. In the first week of May, as I was turkey hunting.

How long did the sighting last?
Two hours. Not knowing what I was looking at in head to toe camo.

What were you doing at the time of the sighting?
Turkey hunting in 1989 in May . I never went back after that. I didn’t realize it till I was talking toy brother about Bigfoot and he told me that a lot of folks do not realize that it was a Bigfoot till years later, that’s when I put two and two together. It still makes my adrenaline flow. Crazy, I know, but totally true.

Describe what happened with as many details as possible
I was in my twenties and started turkey hunting . I spent over 2000 on a 10 gauge shotgun, camo clothes, and all the calls and gear. I was a avid deer hunter in new York on my uncle’s farm and he got me going on turkey hunting. So I just started really getting into it. I went three years in a row without anything but I did not care as I love the woods. I would take the whole week off every year just to hunt for turkey till noon as the law stated. Then I would go fishing for the remaining day. A friend I worked with didn’t hunt, but fished so he also took off that week. I would pick him up and drop him off at the Farmington river, hunt for the am and catch up with him and go fishing. I had a spot that I would scout all year long as much as possible so knew the area well. I found three sat down with my back to it, started doing my hand call after an hour and a half I got a time to gobble started to get in position with my gun made a few more calls and thought I was seeing a man coming towards me, who would just disappear and I couldn’t understand what I was saying. He did not have on any camo and no gun, which is really strange. I could not see his face, so I thought he had some type of face mask on, as I did. When I seen it get down and I thought he’s going to get my damn bird. Half an hour so no movement nothing I call again in.

All a sudden out of the blue, there he was again. I could not get the time to gobble anymore, but it seemed that a figure had placed himself in between me and the turkey. Well, this went on for good hour and he stood up and was looking with his head tilted down all the time… like he was looking down and I just couldn’t understand it.

I haven’t been able to get out of my head ever since. I ended up just getting up and getting the hell out of there cause I just didn’t feel safe. I didn’t know what was going on .Well, after that, I never went back. I went turkey hunting a few more times up in the New York State at my uncle’s farm and it was a hard for me to go, so I just stopped all together.

I never heard of a ghillie suit back then not even sure if they had them. It was all one color I like a grey darker and that’s what was strange to me is why would anybody be in the woods during turkey season in that type of color without any orange on going to and from your hunting spot.

I’m sure I could state more about this to type and think about it, at the same time isn’t doing the story any justice.

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