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Do Bigfoots Nest? Man Walks Us Through ‘Sasquatch Shelter’

A man published a video and a series of photographs Monday that show an alleged “Sasquatch sleeping area” in an unknown location of the United States.

Squatchmaster walks you through a series of Bigfoot nests. Credit: Squatchmaster/YouTube
Squatchmaster walks you through a series of Bigfoot nests. Credit: Squatchmaster

Bigfoot searcher the Squatchmaster has been chronicling what he believes could be “evidence toward the existence of a Sasquatch creature” for over three years.

“We are in no way saying that they are in fact Sasquatches..only that they are what we believe a Sasquatch to be. The only true way to judge weather the Bigfoot does exist is to actually go out and experience it for yourself,” he says about his video collection.

On his latest finding, he gives you “a quick walk through” of the cryptid’s shelter.

“In this ‘bedding’ can be seen a long flat stone used for crushing the wood fibers,” he theorizes. “Truly amazing bit of work here,” he adds.

The video initially shows four pictures depicting different sets of interwoven branches and piles of leafs and tree bark laying on the ground, which Squatchmaster calls “bedding material”. The next two minutes of the footage are dedicated to the “walk through” where he shows more details about the purported Bigfoot resting place.

Before you stop reading, Bigfoot architecture is not a far-fetched concept. Some primates actually build nests, but they usually choose to place them on branches located high on a tree, between 30 and 60 feet from the ground. According to study researcher A. Roland Ennos of the University of Manchester, great apes –such as orangutans and gorillas– go a little further and their structures can reach a complexity strikingly similar to that of a human-made shelter.

Gorilla builds nest on a tree. Credit: Jefe Le Gran under CC BY 2.0
Gorilla nest lays on a tree. Credit: Jefe Le Gran under CC BY 2.0

“They know how the wood is going to break, and they have a feel for how strong they have to make it [the nest]. That shows the apes have intelligence and have a feel for the physics of their environment,” he told Live Science.

The nest, he explains, serves as a place to stay away from insects and safe from predators. It is only used once and then the creatures go somewhere else.

And while the critical minds will notice the differences between the “nest” on Squatchmaster’s video and the actual examples of primate shelters, if we make an effort to extrapolate the scientifically documented animal architecture to the field of Bigfoot research, it opens up a world of possibilities; if Bigfoot exists, it is possible that they use these shelters as temporary napping places, which would account for the overwhelming absence of the animal remains in those areas. Hypothetically, it is more likely that the cryptid prefers the safety of the interior of a cave, given their supposed high intelligence, however, the use of these nests could also represent a nomadic lifestyle similar to that of our human ancestors that could be present in certain Sasquatch species.

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