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Man Claims Grandma’s Home was Damaged by ‘Bigfoot’

A man from Oregon claims his grandmother’s house was damaged by a “Bigfoot”.

oregon bigfoot encounter

The man, who didn’t reveal his name, told David Boozer last Friday that the woman’s house was located near Niagara and that two hairy creatures smashed it to pieces.

The story, told in some sort of legend-like narrative but claimed by the man as real, purportedly took place in 1964 and that “it all began with whistles”.

The man reports that the “creatures” were whistling at the woman while she was working in her garden.

“At first I was caught by surprise of course, but, just like me, I yelled out a ‘thank you!'”, the man claims her grandma told him. “I was not afraid of the whistler at first, I figured it was a neighbor, or even a hiker passing through just out of sight, but who could see me. I waved for the fun of it and continued my chores.”

The sounds reportedly continued throughout the summer until, says the man reporting the “event”, the woman noticed some odd footprints.

“They were huge, and I mean really big, twice the size of my own when I stepped into one. Had to be at least 17-18 inches.”

As with all alleged Bigfoot stories, one thing led to another, and as it turned out, they were also friends with the sheriff and called him over to investigate the “incident”. The officer believed the ruckus was caused by a pair of homeless people, so he recommended the elderly woman to keep her gun handy.

“I decided at that point to have the sheriff out again and let him know that I will be shooting first from here on out,” she is quoted as saying, and although she told the lawman she was joking at the time, she must have changed her mind a little later.

The thing is that the whistles and the fun came to an end when the sounds became more of a “gibberish talk”.

“I was laying down for bed one night when it started,” she allegedly said. “The trailer was one of those newer fancier ones I got. The walls however, well, they were pretty thin to tell you the truth, I swear sometimes I could hear the crickets outside even when the windows and place was locked up for the night,” she reportedly said, possibly forgetting that you can hear crickets even outside of cement homes, specially in the summer when they get pretty loud.

The gibberish turned into some type of “Japanese”, just like the State Trooper from one of our latest stories told us. The problem was that she “could not understand a word they were saying”.

She, supposedly, could hear two of the creatures chitchatting, so she “grabbed” her gun and went outside to tell these “people” to get lost.

“Get off my property or I’ll shoot!”

His grandma described the beings as “tall and heavy” and very much like “regular people”, but alas, she “could not tell they were not people” because of the reported lack of light.

So she decided to shoot the talking beings.

“I lifted my gun just over its head and pulled the trigger. They were gone. In the blink of an eye they were gone up the ravine and back up the mountains.”

bigfoot, oregon bigfoot, shotgun granny

A few nights later, says the man, the two creatures came back to cause some damage to her “granny’s” trailer.

“They were mad I supposed, mad I shot at them maybe, I don’t know,” he recalls the woman telling him, seemingly doubting for a minute the fact that shooting a bullet blindly at someone who was just chatting in the street can be quite upsetting.

It was mid October when the windows were smashed, the trailer was shaken so strongly that the family pictures “fell off the walls and tables”, and one of the creatures had allegedly peeked through the bedroom’s window in an attempt to take a look at grandma.

“Something appeared, a face, an ugly, hairy, red-eyed face that scared me to death. It stood there, bent over a bit looking in through the window, and I swear it could see me through the dark. Its face was not really human, but did have some ape qualities to it.”

Fearing to get attacked on account of her previous shooting, she decided to use her shotgun again to hit one of the creatures.

“I know I hit it. It turned and ran quicker and faster than anything or anyone I’d ever seen run, and it let out a scream as it did,” she reportedly said, not specifying whether the scream sounded human or animal.

The man goes on to say that his grandmother told the sheriff about her shooting at these human-like creatures and that the lawman believed her but that, surprisingly, the man’s parents didn’t buy the story.

“And to this day they still do not believe me.”

In 2014, Courts Griner, a man in his mid-thirties, told Cryptozoology News in an interview that a few similar creatures with “orangutan” features, climbed up onto the roof of his house, terrifying him and his mother.

David Boozer, who considers himself “in order”a Christian, husband, dad, blogger, and a true believer of Bigfoot, compiles Bigfoot stories from the Pacific Northwest.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tim

    June 4, 2017 at 9:38 pm

    i believe it 109%. she described typical Bigfoot behavior. it all adds up. but you have some spelling errors… yikes. anyways, the “cricket” part was hilarious.. guess our walls are paper thin too!

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