Man in Atlanta: The Mothman Told me About the Storm

Posted on Feb 1 2014 - 12:03am by Cryptozoology News

ATLANTA (Cryptozoology News)– Two inches of snow  incapacitated the entire city this week. In Georgia, where snow storms are not common, many didn’t expect the unavoidable chaos, and were caught unprepared. Pictures of cars and trucks piled up along the highway, resembling scenes from the Walking Dead TV show, made the news across the country.

But a man says he had been warned about the snow trouble one month ago. He is not a weather enthusiast, and he certainly is not a scientist. His source of knowledge, he claims, is the Mothman.

“To hell he told me. He had wings, “ says Richard Hickman, a retired farmer.

Hickman moved to the city when he turned 72. “I wasn’t able to keep up with the farm. Too much work for my old bones. I never liked living in the city, but everybody here knows Atlanta is something else. I bought a house with a big backyard.”

In December 2013, Hickman explains, a tall man appeared at his door. And he had a cryptic message for him.

“He was tall, dressed in black. He was wearing a white scarf up to his nose, but I could see his eyes. Very bright, almost brown-red eyes, sparking. I figured someone trying to sell me something, or a religious fellow or something of that sort. I asked him what he wanted, he said he had a message for me. He told me about the snow: Watch out, for the city of Atlanta in white ice. No melt. Snow turns black,” Hickman said.

The mysterious figure then turned his back on the house owner, showing two translucent body parts coming coming out of the spinal region, which Hickman believed to be a pair of wings.

“Never seen that before. When he was leaving, I could see that the fellow had wings on his back. I was furious, I asked the guy is this a gag or something? Then he turns his head back but he had no face! I was scared to death so I slammed my door and grabbed my rifle. I waited there for twenty minutes or so, and then I figured it was a bunch of pranksters.”

via Youtube user Barry Washington
via Youtube user Barry Washington

Hickman said he didn’t connect the dots until he turned on the TV earlier this week, and watched the apocalyptic images on the screen. “When I saw the cars stuck on the road, people sleeping at the stores, inside schools, at work…I put two and two together and remembered what that prankster had told me one month earlier. I was kind of worried so I called my nephew and told him about it, and he helped me share the story with you in the Internef. So that Mothman guy told me about the storm.”

This week, hundreds of videos surfaced online showing the snow from the storm was not melting and turning black under a heat source. The videos started a conspiracy theory frenzy regarding the nature of the snow, suggesting that it wasn’t snow but a man-made substance instead. After telling Hickman about the “fake snow” turning black, he immediately terminated the conversation and any efforts to get him back on the phone were unsuccessful.

According to the Mothman’s legend, the creature is capable of predicting upcoming events that could potentially impact human life. The Mothman Prophecies, written by John Keel in 1975, describes the events that took place in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, that eventually lead to the collapse of the Silver Bridge.

mothman prophecies

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