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Little Bigfoot Sighting In Vietnam War

The jungles of Vietnam could be hiding a bipedal creature similar to Bigfoot that many haven’t heard about before. The Batutut, also known as “forest people”, is believed to walk the remote lands of Vietnam, Laos and Borneo and was first reported in 1947.

The jungles of Vietnam could be hiding a bipedal creature similar to Bigfoot that many haven’t heard about before. The Batutut, also known as “forest people”, is believed to walk the remote lands of Vietnam, Laos and Borneo and was first reported in 1947.

But it was in the 1970s when outlandish reports of the creature began emanating directly from the battlefield. Out of those documented sightings, there is a Batutut close encounter worth sharing with Bigfoot enthusiasts. Kregg P. J. Jorgenson brought this eyewitness account to light in his book Strange but True Stories of the Vietnam War.

Army troops are photographed while taking a break from a patrol during Vietnam war. Not the same soldiers from the report.

It was a hot day. The six men from the 101st Airborne Division were taking a break in the middle of a mountainous jungle when the event took place. They had been carrying one hundred pounds equipment under the unforgiving sun in a mosquito infested environment, full of unfamiliar sounds and views that were nothing like the American soldiers were used to in their native land. Despite the momentary resting time, they kept their five senses on, for they were aware that the Viet Cong could have very well tracked them, something the natives were exceedingly good at. Suddenly, according to the men, a few small trees located fifteen yards uphill began clearly shaking. The soldiers had trained for this, and as they got ready for combat to fight the expected VC soldiers jump out the bushes, they never imagined what they saw next.

A long, cucumber-shaped head showed up. The face, the soldiers said, was covered in red hair with a pair of dark eyes and a huge mouth. The creature then stepped out of the vegetation into a clearing, allowing the group to observe the rest of its muscular body, which was also featured by the same type of red hair. The purported cryptid wasn’t taller than 5-feet and it walked upright. It stopped, looked at them as though scrutinizing each and one of the soldiers.

“What the hell is that?,” one of the soldiers recalls muttering.

“It’s a rock ape,” said another.

“No, it ain’t,” a third man said. “I’ve seen rock apes, and that sure as hell isn’t a rock ape!”

The warriors didn’t take their eyes off the creature.

“It’s an orangutan, isn’t it?” asked the first soldier again.

“Well, if it is, then he can’t read a map. There are no orangutans in Vietnam.”

But apparently, the men weren’t as interesting to the animal as the animal was to the men. The strange ape went back to the bush and disappeared.

There are many critics regarding this sighting who fiercely argue it was pretty common for American soldiers to experiment on drugs during that decade. Their only premise is that the use of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and the advent of other hallucinogens could have caused these men -and countless others- to see something that wasn’t real. While that assertion might be real to some extent, that is not the case of these six men, dedicated soldiers, who appear to be clearly aware of their surroundings and who make no mention of being intoxicated even decades after the alleged sighting, a time when they have nothing to lose. The question is, given the circumstances and nature of the Vietnam war, the way soldiers were already ostracized on their way back to “civilization”, the difficulties most of them endured in order to get a job and the obvious posttraumatic stress disorder they had to carry with them, why would these group of honest men go as far as to lie about what they saw or to not admit they were high on drugs? Had they been under the effect of drugs, they would have never told the story to begin with, amid fears of societal and economical consequences.

strange but crazy stories from vietnamAs an eloquent Jorgenson writes in his book, “in 1982, Professor Tran Hong Viet became the second scientist to discover nguoi rung footprints, and while scientists debated the actual existence of such creatures, many of the critics’ arguments went up in smoke when zoologist John MacKinnon and a team of scientists discovered three previously unknown mammals in the Vu Quang Mountain rain forest in 1992. The discovery of the new mammals demonstrated that the remote regions might well hold other new discoveries, including clues that might solve the riddle of Vietnam’s Bigfoot.”

It is up to honest science to determine whether the discovery of a new species is worth the time, money and efforts. To put a block of bricks on the possibility of a little Bigfoot roaming the lands of Southeast Asia is, simply put, obtuse.

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  1. Mr Magoo

    January 6, 2015 at 2:45 pm

    To suggest all soldiers were experimenting with LSD is ludicrous and a sign of desperation for the skeptics…it is like saying that because Heroin is rife in the UK,therefore the Quee is an addict too…it is just utter nonsense yet again from the debunkers…and anyway,why wouldn`t there be a new species of upright ape within the jungles of the world ?

  2. ca map

    January 21, 2016 at 2:22 am

    feb 24,2015….northern border of the kalon song game reserve…2.15pm bright sun….im riding motorbike down the only paved road……for miles…the trees shake to my left….I think buffalo….or maybe elephant or even tiger….NOPE

    in a flying leap….the thing…moves from the bush in mid air and hits in front of me on all 4s..not more than 15 feet in front of the moving bike…1 more leap and it covered 60 feet in 2 jumps….it was 90% naked…and the rest was long wispy reddish/brown hair….6ft tall….extreme muscular build 0%bodyfat…I was stunned…it didn’t look at me….its head….was like a baboon….its mouth closed…looking straight ahead….it was gone in 3 seconds

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